My Favorite Hand Sanitizer Just Launched a New Scent That's Perfect For Summer

And InStyle readers can shop it ahead of the official release.

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I never thought I'd live to see the day where I'd geek out over hand sanitizer, but after the pandemic and testing one-too-many stripping formulas that wreaked of rubbing alcohol, I've become a snob. The thought of leaving home without a hand sanitizer now is completely out of the question, and using one that isn't from Touchland? Don't even.

Touchland's Power Mist hand sanitizers have become an essential item in my daily life. Unlike other formulas that make your hands feel dry or come out in a big blob, Touchland's formulas come out in an even spritz and leave my hands feeling soft and supple after using it. Its hand sanitizers come in an array of scents, too, ranging from refreshing mint (which sold out of 20,000 products in 12 hours when it first launched) and soothing lavender to energizing citrus grove and, of course, an unscented option.

There's a scent for virtually any fragrance inclination, and now, after two years of development, Touchland has finally launched one of its most highly-requested scents: Beach Coco.

While spritzing your hands with this new iteration, you'll notice pineapple, coconut water, and creamy vanilla. Upon further inspection, you may also make out the subtleties of Lily of the Valley, sparkling grapefruit, sandalwood, magnolia, and cedarwood. The cocktail of these notes smells of a tropical vacation.

touchland beach coco power mist

To shop: $9,

Touchland's Power Mists have gone TikTok-viral several times (the hashtag #touchland has over 26 million views), and with celebrity fans such as Megan Fox and Kris Jenner, we're confident that Beach Coco will soon be in everyone's shopping cart.

We all know the importance of hygiene and keeping our hands as clean as possible, so finding a hand sanitizer you like and want to use is key. The experience of using Power Mist feels pleasant, almost like applying your favorite facial mist to your hands — it's refreshing, fast-absorbing, and never feels sticky. Plus, we love that these Touchland ones also kill 99.99% of harmful germs while only using vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.

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Touchland says that it sells one of its Power Mists every 40 seconds, but considering how quickly its Frosted Mint version sold out, we suggest hopping on Beach Coco the second you can. And thankfully, the brand has given InStyle readers the exclusive opportunity to shop it on two days before it's released to the general public — so share this with your friends and family so you can all have your safest, germ-free summer ever.

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