By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated Aug 05, 2016 @ 1:30 pm
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Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

If there is a downside to owning a lipstick in probably every shade imaginable (that's a heavy if, BTW,), it's that sometimes the decision of what to do with the rest of my face in terms of color after I've selected my lippie can be a little difficult. I go back and forth over blush and bronzer because I don't like to look overdone, and what's more, I don't want my look to pull retro in the '80s-big-stripes-of-contrasting-blush kinda of way. It's a tricky line to toe, and you better believe I worry about it a lot.

That is until recently when a Stila Convertible Color cream blush (although it's convertible so you can use it for anything) fell into my lap. The shade: Peony ($25; . The color: delightfully neutral in any way. I've worn it with a lavender lip and a nude lip, and with a coral and red lip peppered in between.

With each shade, it's only gotten more gorgeous. I get woozy even thinking about what it will look like paired with a vampy lip in the fall. That's something to look forward to for sure.

Anyway, to get to the knitty-gritty, this shade is indeed the perfect nude blush.

You tap it on and you know that there's an extra oomph, but it's not glaringly noticeable. Even on days when I'm not wearing makeup, I've been opting to tap some on my cheeks, temples, and on my lips, too. It makes you look super healthy, well-rested, and youthful, but you don't look like you're made up. Part of that is due to the fact that it's very sheer—something natural beauties will never ever complain about, because you can always build it up for a desired impact.

I can't explain how easy this has made my routines, and all I can say is you'll never find me without this blush ever again. It's my ride or die.