This Scrub Works Double Duty By Exfoliating My Legs and Eliminating Dandruff, Plus It Smells Amazing

Ouai’s Scalp and Body Scrub is my favorite part of showering.

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Ouai body + scalp scrub
Photo: Ouai/Target

These winter months can be really rough on my (already) very dry skin. The harsh cold weather seems to exacerbate my existing flaky skin issues, especially on my legs. But, of course, that's not all. The months between December and March are also when my scalp becomes so parched that I have to deal with embarrassing, and sometimes painful, dandruff. That is, until I met the Ouai Scalp and Body Scrub.

This scrub is created from a blend of sugar crystals and coconut oils, meaning there are none of those dreaded plastic beads that are horrible for both the environment and your skin, and the scrub is naturally nourishing to prevent dryness. Instead, these ingredients break down when scrubbed into the skin and scalp with water to provide a gentle exfoliation that doesn't damage the skin barrier or hair follicles. And it's available online and in-store at my local Target, which makes picking up two at a time (so I never run out) a breeze, since I find myself at Target more often than I'd like to admit.

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I use about a quarter-sized dollop on my head by sectioning my wet hair in the shower to get at different areas of my scalp and working it in. It admittedly doesn't feel like much is happening at first, but as someone who deals with the awful flakes of dandruff every year, it makes a huge difference, and my head feels squeaky clean afterwards. It's even more clear that the scrub is working for me when I shampoo it out right after scrubbing. The ingredients Ouai uses makes my shampoo extra sudsy, and I find myself using less of it and getting my hair just as clean thanks to the scrub.

I use about the same amount on my legs, working it in in a light, circular motion from thigh to ankle, making sure I get the particularly rough spots that develop around my outer calves, just below my knees. This scrub makes a huge difference when it comes to razor bumps and the flaky dryness that inevitably follows the cold weather, too.

One of my favorite things about this scrub, past the flake-free head and legs, is the fact that it smells incredible. Anyone who uses Ouai products can attest to the brand's musky yet feminine scents, and this one is particularly intoxicating, without being too much in a hot and steamy shower. Another thing I'll note is that, even though exfoliants get a sometimes bad rap for being dehydrating, the coconut oils in this one combat that standard effect — for the most part. To ensure both my head and legs stay hydrated, I'll typically use the scrub once per week on each body part and will follow up with a hair mask (no surprise that my favorite is also made by Ouai) and plenty of post-shower moisturizer.

If a flaky scalp and bumpy legs are plaguing you this winter, order a tub of the Ouai Scalp and Body Scrub and bask in smoothness with me.

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