The Face-Lifting Tool Used by Jennifer Aniston Is on Sale Again — and Even Cheaper Than It Was on Prime Day

Bella Hadid and Kate Hudson are also fans of the NuFace sculpting device.

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Jennifer Aniston NuFace
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Amazon Prime Day is officially over, and man, what a ride. I will personally admit that it fatigued me — there were so many deals and so many products. I just know that I must have forgotten something on my mental shopping list, but I am not fretting about missed purchases because many of my skincare faves are included in Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. The NuFace Mini skincare device is on sale at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack — and for even cheaper than it was on Prime Day.

If you missed the hubbub the first time around, the NuFace is a skincare device favorited by celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Bella Hadid that uses microcurrents to firm and lift the skin around your neck, jowls, jawline, cheeks, and forehead. Before starting your five- minute session, you begin by applying a layer of the included conductive gel to your face. The short- and long-term effects of low levels of microcurrents hitting your skin also purportedly smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

Mini Starter Kit NUFACE

Shop now: $120–$135 (Originally $209); and

For Prime Day, the NuFace Mini Kit was discounted from $209 to $144. If you missed out on the deal, you're actually in luck; it's down to $135 at Nordstrom for the retailer's Anniversary Sale. You can even get one for $120 at Nordstrom Rack if you are okay with a previously owned, refurbished device.

There is a small caveat, however, and it's that Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is early access until July 14, wherein the deals are only available to Nordstrom cardmembers. From July 15 to July 30, however, all limitations are off, though there's no guarantee that this price will last.

Although it has no reviews on Nordstrom's website, the NuFace has over 1,400 five-star ratings on Amazon and nearly 2,000 more on other websites. A shopper on Space NK wrote, "After only one week of using it, I have seen great results — my skin is so toned, so firm and bright, and the deep lines on my face are so much smoother."

On Sephora, one pleased shopper wrote that they "wish " context="body" sid=""/] didn't work as well as it does" because of its price tag, but after using it a handful of times, they're so astounded with the results that it's worth it. "You do see immediate results, but only after using it for a couple days in a row… my skin is not only tighter and more contoured, but my face just looks better. The microcurrent stimulates blood flow so you look super snatched… The NuFace Mini is genuinely a confidence-booster and is now a staple part of my daily routine."

It's good enough for Jennifer Aniston, thousands of shoppers, and is cheaper than it was on Prime Day — this is definitely your sign to order the NuFace Mini Set.

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