Human air freshener at your service.  

By Megan Kennedy
Updated Aug 04, 2016 @ 11:30 am
MoroccanOil Body Buff - LEAD
Credit: Courtesy

TBH I should have been paid to ride the subway this morning. There I was on my way to work, filling the entire train with the scent of garden fresh rose petals (ok maybe not the whole train, but at least the small corner I was jammed into.) Nothing smells remotely close to fresh picked flowers on an NYC morning commute in August, so I'm pretty sure the other passengers were thanking me.

I have to give credit to last night's shower for turning me into a human air freshener (totally not complaining BTW). To scrub down my body, I used Moroccanoil's Fleur de Rose body buff ($52, Hence the rose garden aroma. This scrub obvi had a floral scent, but I don't mean the sweet perfumy type of floral we're all accustomed to; I'm talking uprooted rose bush, pulled-straight-out-of-the-soil kind of floral. Ya know like a real garden, the way flowers actually smell IRL.

The body buff is a rose petal exfoliant meant to polish away dead skin cells; so it's super moisturizing (you'll be tempted to skip out on the post-shower moisturizer, but I like to cover all of my bases.) Here's what's inside: argan oil blended with sesame, grape seed, avocado and sweet almond oils. Yes, it definitely smells as natural as it sounds. This is the real deal. Definitely not something you'll ever find in a plastic spray bottle.

But it gets better; when I woke up this morning I saw traces of glitter where I applied the product and at first I was thinking maybe it was traces of sparkle from the weekend prior, but after a second look at the scrub I realized it totally has a soft pink shimmer. All that glitters is rose apparently.