By Jessie Militare
Updated Jul 07, 2015 @ 5:00 pm
Washing Machine for your Makeup Brushes
Credit: Getty Images

I'm embarrassed to admit that I pretty much never clean my makeup brushes (I know, the Cardinal Rule of cosmetics). It's just something that isn't on my radar, and it should be. Because we all know the gross bacteria lurking in your kabuki is not cute. Cleaning and storing our brushes is of utmost importance. And it looks like the makeup brush gods have come through for us. Behold: the Lilumia Makeup Brush Cleaning Device, AKA a makeup brush washing machine.

Washing Machine for your Makeup Brushes - Embed
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This bad boy holds up to six brushes, and removes gunk and bacteria with soap and water. Its rotating mechanism mirrors the modern conveniences of a washer, and when the cycle is done, the brushes can dry right there standing up. And don't worry, it's easy on the bristles.

It goes for $149, which isn't chump change. But for heavy duty brush users, it's a great investment that will tame dirt and bacteria, and extend the life of your tools. This lifesaver will be available on beginning August 7th.