By Dobrina Zhekova
May 13, 2016 @ 10:15 am
Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images

Summer may be just around the corner (unlimited vitamin D is on its way, FINALLY), but let's be honest, sometimes we indulge in a little self-tanner glow before we even get to the beach. Not sure what product to grab? Fear not, Maisie Williams has you covered. 

The actress took to Instagram to share her go-to beauty pick for when "you don't want to blend into your white dress, or if you need a little confidence boost." Williams posted a photo of what we must assume are her legs, one of them visibly more tan the the other and wrote that Becca Cosmetics's Luminous Body Perfecting Mousse actually works for her.

The bronzer in question has a lightweight mousse formula that's water-resistant but still washes off easily. And, as Williams herself admits, it does have some shimmer in it for a natural skin glow. She also mentions it applies in seconds (bonus) and doesn't streak (another major bonus). 

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It's subtle, but it works👀 @beccacosmetics ***update*** Got a lot of questions so imma answer them, never usually so this but holy smokes this product actually works. This is a body bronzer from becca cosmetics, it's not semi-permanent, it's a wash off cream, but it's matte, so it won't come off before you want it to. Got a lil shimmer/sparkle in there too, so u can feel totally fabulous any day of the week💅🏼 The texture is impossible to streak and it goes on in seconds. I have very pale ivory/translucent skin (which I'm still learning to love) and I don't like to stay in the sun too long cos I think I'm scared of it (not that the uk is sunny much anyway👀) so this is absolutely perfect for when you don't want to blend into your white dress, or if you need a little confidence boost.

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We are totally taking this bronzer for a test drive.