Because if your beauty products don't double as entertainment, is it really worth it?

By Dobrina Zhekova
Updated Aug 10, 2016 @ 2:00 am
Lush Jelly Soap - Lead
Credit: thelushking/instagram

Every once in a while the Internet completely loses it over a beauty product and we totally live for these moments. Remember the black bath bomb craze from earlier this summer? Or that time people were using household products to do their makeup? And of course, who could forget all the weird body contouring videos that we've all watched multiple times (admit it) because, whether or not you would actually attempt try butt contouring, watching someone else do it is mesmerizing.

Well, move over goth bath bombs, because there is a new viral beauty trend in town. People are posting videos of LUSH's wobbly shower jellies and we are totally enthralled by them (both the videos and the jellies). These seaweed gel-based soaps have taken over people's Instagram accounts and bathrooms. What's LOL-worthy is that Lush actually has had the product for ten years, but it became an internet sensation only recently, when Nailed It posted a video of the jiggly soaps at the end of June.

After less than two months, the clip has over 29 million views (you could attributed 1 million of those to us alone) and 360 thousand shares. The rest is (Internet) history as they say.

Aside from its wiggly qualities the soap has fruity extracts, essential oils and vitamin-rich juices, so it's also good for your skin. Momma always said don't play with your food, but she never said anything about not playing with your hygeine products. What else can we say—taking a shower just got a whole lot more fun.