These $8 Press-On Nails Work So Well, They Replaced My $50 Monthly Manicures

Plus, they have over 800 perfect ratings on Amazon.

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Amazon Glue On Nails
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It may seem small, but there's just something about a fresh manicure that makes me feel substantially more put together. I love looking at my colorful nails throughout the day (it's the little things, people!), which is why, up until recently, there were few things I looked forward to more than my monthly nail appointment.

Every three and a half weeks, like clockwork, I would head to my hometown nail salon and leave two hours later with a new set of claws and $50 less in my bank account. It was my ritual. But when I moved out of my parents' home to my own apartment in Chicago and suddenly had a few more pressing financial obligations to attend to (i.e. rent and groceries), I quickly realized that something had to give.

Thus, I begrudgingly cleared "nail salons near me" from my search history, let my nails assume their natural state for the first time in nearly a year, and vowed to eventually return to my monthly ritual once I adjusted to the cost of city living. That is until recently, when a friend recommended I try Kiss Gel Fantasy Ready-to-Wear Press-On Nails, and my nail habits changed forever.

KISS Gel Fantasy Ready-to-Wear Press-On Gel Nails

Shop now: $8 (Originally $13);

Having previously dealt with plenty of disappointing press-on nails that adhered via sticker, took forever to apply, and fell off after approximately 30 minutes, I was understandably skeptical when I heard about the Kiss nails. I decided to give them a shot anyway — since, at just $8, I really didn't have much to lose — and I'm so glad I did.

Flash forward to less than 20 minutes after I started the application process, and my once-plain nails looked like they were filed to perfection and topped with the same pastel pink color I often reached for at the nail salon. Though I was initially impressed by the nails, it wasn't until they lasted for two weeks straight (through hair washes, days of laptop work, and nights out) without ever falling off that I was truly sold. And once a nail finally did pop off, I simply glued it back on and wore the set for even longer.

The biggest difference between the Kiss nails and the press-on nails from my adolescence is that they come with a mega-adhesive glue that helps keep them incredibly secure. Plus, they're super easy to apply: Just file your nails and push back your cuticles using the included tools, apply the glue to the different-sized gel nail tabs, press onto your nail bed for 15 seconds, and voilà! You're left with professional-looking nails at a fraction of the price.

On top of my own testimony, the nails have also racked up more than 800 perfect ratings on Amazon and have plenty of reviews from shoppers praising the product's long-lasting design and aesthetically pleasing look. Whether you're trying to save yourself time or money, I couldn't recommend the Kiss Gel Fantasy Press-On Nails enough. Do yourself a favor and head to Amazon now to add this $8 manicure to your cart.

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