This Moisturizing Body Lotion Bar Melts Right Into Skin and Leaves You Feeling Velvety Soft

Plus, it forces me to have a few moments of self-care.

Kate McLeod Body Lotion Bar
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Lots of people I know only focus on skincare from the neck up — but I've always prioritized my entire body, from head-to-toe. Now, that doesn't mean I'm out here spending hundreds of dollars on high-end products for my body (I save active ingredients for my face) but I do make sure everything's taken care of.

Scaly legs? I don't know her. Ashy elbows? Never heard of that.

Anyways, since I'm so committed to a full-body routine, I've gone through a plethora of body products in my lifetime. I've tried nearly every body lotion, serum, oil, and even the washes on the market that claim to moisturize your skin so well, you don't even need to apply a lotion after. (Spoiler alert: I could never trust it, but I appreciate the effort to streamline my routine.)

I've fallen in love with many of them, but my biggest qualm is that I can't travel with a full-size bottle and not a whole lot of brands make minis. However, I recently came across a body lotion bar — and I'm obsessed.

I had already heard of Kate McLeod's Body Stones before trying them myself. Friends and online reviewers raved about the solid moisturizer and loved the sustainability aspect of the product. For me, what stood out was the overall aesthetic and design; a cream-colored round pebble that fits in the palm of your hand.

And once I tried it myself, I instantly got hooked. Each Body Stone is solid at room temperature, but softens once it touches warm skin. After every session, my skin consistently felt baby soft, almost velvety.

kate mcleod body lotion bar review body stone

To shop: $45,

What makes the Body Stone so efficacious is that fact that each of the nine available options is formulated with cocoa butter and four nourishing base oils: sweet almond, apricot kernel, avocado, and fractionated coconut. From there, different essential oils are added to each stone to give it a unique touch. (However, two of them are unscented, in case that's your thing.)

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I've been using the Clearing Stone every day, and apart from the moisturizing effect, I love the subtle notes of sage, lavender, palo santo, and geranium. The scent can be described as equal part earthy and woody as well as herbaceous and floral. And, while I haven't tried the Sex Stone yet, I'm very intrigued.

This particular stone is unique in that the bar melts into a massage oil to use on either yourself or a partner — and before you ask, no, it cannot be used as a replacement for lube. It just seems like the perfect product to keep on hand by your nightside table.

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