By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated Aug 26, 2016 @ 1:15 pm
Loofah - Lead
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Bathtime, for me at least, is a sacred ritual. If I don't at least hop in the shower or bath for a few hours every day, I feel my center of gravity is off. Those sacred ten minutes where I let my mind wander and wash away the stress of my day? That's something I'll never willingly pass up. And given that I clearly have a passion for personal hygiene, a product has to be pretty spanking amazing for me to be literally ecstatic to get to use it again. So what has me tempted to bathe every time I'm just a teeny bit bored? The Kai Body Buffer ($40;

You're probably thinking that it's just a sponge. Please don't click out of this story because you will be selling yourself short. It's so much more than a sponge. Believe me when I say it is the fluffiest sponge that I've ever got my hands on. It also has a body wash infused into it, so you literally rub it all over over your body and what comes out is a luxurious, heavenly froth that is so thick it could be a meringue.

However, what really gets me after all of this lush amazingness is the incredible scent. Like, I have to stop and smell myself during the day because it's so good.

When you lather, your body and bathroom is filled with a heavenly mix of intoxicating gardenia and other tropical flowers. Your nostrils will feel like they are vacationing on a deserted island, or maybe the most expensive oceanside resort villa in the world.

I love this now and I can guarantee you that when things are dark and bleak come January, I'll be reinvesting so I can take myself on a mental vacation from the grim winter weather. Seriously, from one bath aficionado to the next, treat yourself.