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Credit: Art By Elysia Berman

It’s no secret that South Korea is a pioneer in the skin care and beauty world. Their business is thriving across the globe, including the USA, and exports have tripled in the last five years.

And one thing that makes their products so sought after is the ability to make skin care a fun experience versus a trudge through the ol’ regimen, as well as their forward-thinking, scientific advancements that promise, and deliver, serious results.

With all that said, sometimes we run into K-Beauty products that are just plain… strange — like Donkey Milk and Bounce Cheese Cream, both products you’re supposed to put on your face. We’ve rounded up some super weird finds for you and explain exactly what they are. Be careful, though. You may end up needing to buy everything on this list.

This is one of those products that’ll definitely turn heads if anyone sees you using it (AKA sleepover material). “It’s literally an over-sized puff full of exfoliating botanicals and gentle, chemical exfoliants,” says Sarah Lee, co-founder of GlowRecipe.com. “These heavy-hitting, effective ingredients are housed in a comical way that becomes insanely fun to use.”

This product looks and feels like warmed mozzarella cheese — it’s thick, stringy, oozy, and stretchy. It smells nothing like cheese (whew!) and is a super moisturizing, anti-aging product. Bounce Cheese Cream’s two primary ingredients are water and whey, the latter of which is a naturally occurring protein found in cheese, hence the name. This one’s best for super dry skin since it’s so thick and heavy.

We’ve got an entire breakfast for your face, apparently. This egg mousse (which is amazing, BTW) is part of an entire egg-infused line by TCFS, all of which contain egg yolk extract. Like many Korean skin-care products, it offers a sensory experience. This one comes out foamy from the aerosol can but transforms into a highly emollient oil as you massage it into your skin.

J. One Hana Cream This cream is unlike any other you’ve ever used. In the tub, you’ll find what looks like a bunch of tiny little eggs. Each little egg is actually a perfectly-sized amount of cream that you “pop” in between your fingers and then apply to your face to help firm the skin. Here's an IG video of it in action.

“[These masks] are almost like a science experiment, and slathering your face with the formula is so satisfying,” says Lee. “The mask hardens into a rubbery texture that can be peeled off in one motion, leaving you with this funny rubber face mold in your hands and absolutely glowing, dewy skin.”

This product gets its name because it actually contains donkey milk. There’s an entire line of it, actually, and other Korean skin-care companies make products containing donkey milk, as well. Turns out, donkey milk contains lots of vitamins (including A, C, D and E), lactose, and fat. Together, these gently exfoliate, nourish, and hydrate the skin.

Pretty weird, huh? And there’s more where those came from.

“The Korean market is saturated with high-quality products and innovative textures. This is why some K-Beauty products may seem 'out there' to Westerners,” explains Lee. “There's a mentality in Korea that skin care is a daily moment of pampering that should be super fun and not at all a chore that's very compelling. This mindset is slowly making its way into the US, and I think we have K-beauty to thank for that.”