By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated Sep 28, 2016 @ 10:00 am

One of the first times I was exposed to glamour as a child was probably the same time I first met feminism. This prolific moment in my life was, of course, being introduced to the Spice Girls, and one Spice Girl in particular. Not only did they believe in the power of expressing themselves—that girls simply could—the members of the tribe named Spice all had their particular calling card, but no one was made to seem less than the other. That's feminism, friends.

Alas, I digress. Posh Spice, then known as Victoria Malcolm, was pretty damn special to me. I had a bob for much of my childhood, and I stinkin' hated the thing. All I wanted was long hair. I would literally cry when I would get my haircut. But for the period of time that the Spice Girls took over, I didn't feel so bad about my bob because Victoria had a bob. There started a lifelong obsession with all things Victoria Beckham, as we know her now. So when she released her beautiful capsule collection with Estée Lauder this month, I knew I had to try it.

For a full work week, I used only products made by VBxEsteeLauder, and it was a pretty fantastic experience. Spoiler alert: I didn't have the slightest bit of trouble finding new ways to use her products. Survey says, this is a very solid collection.

Day One

Kyleen James

I started with a punch up from the obvious: a neutral smoky eye infused with moss green to make my eyes pop. For this look, I used the Victoria Beckham by Estée Lauder Eye Palette ($95; and took the two darker neutral shades and blended them into a classic smoky eye, with the moss green at the lash line and through the crease. You wanna know the best part about this palette? No fallout. Literally none. And it blends so easily you'd think it was cream. Then, I used Victoria Beckham by Estée Lauder Bronzer in Java Sun ($65;, which is subtle enough on my skin but will really warm things up once winter rolls around. On the lips, I used the VB x Estee's lipstick in Brazilian Nude ($45;

Day Two

Kyleen James

This was a shiny, wet lid look and made me feel downright fabulous. I took a couple of swipes of VB's Eye Foil in Blonde Gold ($36; and then took the darkest shade from her aforementioned eyeshadow palette and pressed it into my lash line. Gobs of mascara and a swirl of her bronzer, and I was off. I felt like 2016 Carrie Bradshaw with my quirky, sheen-y eye makeup. This is a look I will reach for again and again.

Day Three

Kyleen James

On the third day, I started to get really daring. I took the palette (running theme, btw) and reached for one shade and one shade only—blue. Yes, you could use this as an accent shade in a smoky eye, but I thought why not make things really interesting and do a blue winged liner with a cut crease?! I felt FIERCE. I finished it off with bronzer and bare lip because the eyes were the focus.

Day Four

Kyleen James

Arguably my most natural day, this look proves that you can go from super smoky, edgy, or very dialed down. It's all about the shade combos. So on my second to last day, I went with the lightest gold shade in the palette through the lid and a smoked out liner in the darker golden color named metal saffron.

Day Five

Kyleen James

And last but not least, the smokiest eye I have worn in years. I started by taking grey amber and putting that all through my line and lower lash line. Then, I blended the Eye Ink ($45; over my lid, which added an impactful sparkle and subtle grit. And for the final touch, Eye Foil, but this time in Burnt Anise ($36;, which gave my eye a sultry wet look.

Obviously, the combination of looks you can get from these product is endless. Should I try for two more weeks of combos? Do you dare me? Because I dare you.