How to Keep Your Summer Glow Long Past LDW

Tan Luxe Body Oil 
Photo: Courtesy, Getty

We're all for the glow up, but when it comes to transitioning your self-tan routine from summer to fall, subtlety is the name of the game. "The easiest method is to apply a lighter coat of your usual tanning product," says Marc Elrick, founder of Tan-Luxe, who suggests halving the number of coats of product you'd apply in the warmer months.

Or, you can go au naturel and simply work with the tan you've already got. The key to stretching your summer glow? "Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!" says Elrick. "DHA [the active ingredient in self-tanner] reacts with the outer layer of skin, so providing a moisturised base will ensure your tan lasts longer." You can even add just the slightest hint of glow by adding bronzing drops—Tan Luxe offers them for both face ($53; and body ($63;—to your moisturizer of choice.

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If you're still struggling to strike the happy medium, you can also check out Tan-Luxe's Tan Line. It's a punny new service offered exclusively by the brand: Call 1-833-TAN-LUXE anytime through September 4th and a real person will talk you through your own personal transitional tanning plan. Who says summer glow has to end with LDW?

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