Lady Gaga Made an Eco-Friendly Eyeliner That Doesn't Smudge — Even on the Sweatiest Summer Days

It commits just as hard as Lady Gaga.

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This Eco-Friendly Eyeliner Make My Brown Eyes Pop — and It Lasts Through Intense Humidity
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It's always nice when things have an easy answer. Not enough problems do, but when I saw a Twitter mutual put out a call for ways to switch up her basic black eyeliner habit, I was in her replies like a lightning bolt with two words: Haus Labs. After years of wearing brown eyeliner, I've found the brand's 18 shades of Optic Intensity Eco Gel Eyeliner Pencil an eye-opening rut-breaker.

To be completely honest, I didn't try much from the brand while it was housed (haus'd?) solely on Amazon. I'm a try-before-you-buy type of person, and while that's been difficult to maintain through two plagues, I appreciate that the Lady Gaga-helmed line is now freely accessible at Sephora. And going by the sold-out status on more than a few products (mostly ones that have popped off on TikTok), I'm not the only one who's excited.

As a committed clean beauty-lover, I liked that Haus Labs lives up to the Clean at Sephora standard: It doesn't use endocrine-disrupting chemicals like phthalates and parabens, common irritants like methylisothiazolinone, or perfluorinated chemicals, which are often used to make products really stick to your skin. The Eco Gel Eyeliner Pencil still claims to be waterproof, though, so I asked the brand for a few samples and put them to the test during one of the hottest weeks of the summer.

Eco Gel Eyeliner Pencil

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The liner comes in a spectrum of exuberant bright- and peacock-color jewel tones, but I particularly loved the shimmer finishes, specifically Onyx Gold, a gunmetal hue flecked with light-grabbing gold sparkle. The packaging is reminiscent of an Urban Decay liner, but upgraded with a smudge brush on one end — and the cool part (for nature nerds like me, at least), is that per the brand, it's the world's first eyeliner to boast a 100 percent biodegradable barrel, made out of bio-cellulose sourced from recycled paper fibers.

Will that help stop climate change? Absolutely not, but it beats the wasteful alternatives, making it a nice fit in my routine of Ethique's compostable lipsticks and Attitude's refreshingly effective, cardboard-packaged deodorant. In practice, the Haus eyeliner is gorgeous; when I run the smudge brush across a line traced on my upper lid, the gold pops out and looks as entrancing as pyrite.

It effectively stood up to the heat, too; even a sweat-soaked ride on New York City's subways didn't make it run. Lady Gaga's known for her dedication to a look, so I suppose that makes sense. Per the makeup tutorial she did on Sephora's YouTube channel last month, Haus Labs added argan oil and vitamin E to the formula to make application creamy and smooth, and all the shades are carbon black-free, so they're totally safe for your waterline.

If you're in the market for a new eyeliner, I give Haus Labs' Optic Intensity Eco Gel Eyeliner Pencil two thumbs up, especially in a world that's only getting hotter. Get it for $22 at Sephora.

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