Harry Styles's New Psychedelic Pleasing Collection Is Here

And naturally, we tried everything.

Harry Styles's New Pleasing Collection Is Here – and I Tried It
Photo: Credit: Courtesy of Pleasing

I get a text every time Harry Styles breathes. Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit, but I have several friends who update me whenever he shows up to an event or concert in another vintage-inspired Gucci outfit, paints his nails a new color, or releases a music video. While I appreciate them leaning into my Harry Styles standom, the joke is on them because I've already seen and dissected the outfit, manicure, or music video in question.

So, while having a beauty brand is pretty much a requirement if you're a celebrity in 2022, I was legitimately excited when Styles revealed his nail polish and skincare brand, Pleasing, late last year.

The brand's initial launch with pearl-inspired polishes and skincare products quickly sold out, we finally have Pleasing's second micro-collection: Shroom Bloom.

Just in time for spring, the collection is inspired by the feeling of laying in the park on a warm, sunny afternoon with "heightened senses." Rather than leaning into a literal nature theme, the packaging is vibrant and '60s psychedelic-inspired with swirls of colors, mushrooms, and flowers.

Micro Bloom includes a set of four new nail polishes, a hydrating hand and cuticle cream, and a brightening overnight serum. There's also matching merch and a campaign starring the legendary musician Mick Fleetwood, co-founder of Fleetwood Mac.

Shroom Bloom is available now exclusively at pleasing.com, with prices ranging from $20 for a single polish to $65 for the entire set.

Before adding any of the products to your cart, let's get into the second micro-collection from Pleasing and find out what's worth buying, shall we?

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The Shroom Bloom Polish Set

Pleasing Shroom Bloom Nail Polish

Pleasing's nail polish is the lead single of the collection. Unless you haven't been on the internet in months, you've probably seen the brand's Instagram famous decanter-inspired bottles with round marble tops. And the Shroom Bloom polishes will be all over your feeds, too.

The Whole Dewniverse (a holographic bio-glitter topcoat that can be layered or worn alone) and Sprouting (a pale mint green) can be purchased solo for $20 apiece or as part of the Shroom Bloom Polish Set ($65), which also includes Tender Bud (a mushroom-inspired taupe) and Vine Red (a bold cherry red).

These polishes are thick, but the wide flat brush makes application easy. I'm able to get an opaque, streak-free finish in two coats. I also appreciate the quick-dry formula because who has time to sit still for hours in the name of a smudge-free manicure? My color combo of choice was Sprouting with The Whole Dewniverse on top, and it's still chip-free and glossy four days post-manicure.

To shop: $65; pleasing.com

Hand + Nail Balm

Pleasing Hand + Nail Balm

I'm extremely picky when it comes to hand cream: I want a super thick formula that instantly smooths my dry skin and makes my cuticles look less mangled — without any greasy, slimy residue.

Pleasing's Hand + Nail Balm does all of the above and comes in a blue and red aluminum tube with illustrations of cute little mushrooms and flower dudes on it. The formula is a blend of tried-and-true moisturizer shea butter, along with apricot and snow mushroom extract. It has the subtlest clean scent that doesn't overpower or linger.

To shop: $25; pleasing.com

Acid Drops Lucid Overnight Serum

Pleasing Acid Drops Lucid Overnight Serum

Aside from the bottle's unique shape, this brightening serum stands out as it doesn't irritate or cause any tingling, despite containing AHA and BHA acids. The formula uses naturally-derived ethically-harvested acids to remove dead skin cells to help reveal a more radiant and clear complexion. It's designed to be used once or twice a week at night.

While I love how the texture sinks into my skin quickly and leaves a nice glow, it is a little tacky so it's hard to layer skincare products over it without pilling. I'd say this is a great starter serum for anyone who's new chemical exfoliants.

To shop: $35; pleasing.com

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