Finally, a Skincare Brand Dedicated Entirely To Tattooed Skin

Foreverist is shaking up the beauty space.

Finally, a Skincare Brand Dedicated Entirely To Tattooed Skin
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With the beauty industry being as oversaturated as it is, it can be difficult to find a niche in the market. But skincare for tattooed skin has been a blindspot for years.

According to a 2022 study, nearly one in two Americans under 40 reported having a tattoo. So it only makes sense for there to be products on the market catering to inked skin.

Thankfully, Foreverist is here to change that. The newly-launched brand is entirely dedicated to the needs of tattooed skin and are all formulated to help people navigate the complete tattoo process from the moment the needle hits the skin, to the recovery period, and for the rest of forever.

"We wanted to design a brand that helps those tattooed feel included in overall tattoo and skincare conversations," says Foreverist founder, Robert Boyle in an email to InStyle. "Foreverist was created to change the dynamic, and reflect the fact that the art form has gone mainstream, opening the industry up to all."

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He further tells InStyle exclusively that he hopes Foreverist will help all people, but especially those getting tattooed for the first time. "It's a lifestyle shift that opens the conversation that tattoos skin requires and deserves good skincare just like any other part of your body," he continues. "Forerverist is here to assist you throughout your full tattoo journey from healing to ongoing maintenance."

The brand launched with three products: Healing Cream, Hydrating Cream, and Brightening Day Protection. Together, the trifecta offer the foundation every tattoo-owner needs. The Healing Cream was formulated to jumpstart the recover process post-tattoo with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, algae, and sea kelp. As a plus, the formula was also approved by Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation as safe to use for those undergoing chemotherapy. Then comes the Hydration Cream which packs a number of moisture-heavy ingredients to keep the skin soft and supple — making it perfect for helping tattoos last longer, but even ink-free people can benefit from using it. Lastly, there's the Brightening Day Protection which offers a SPF 50 which helps prevent ink from fading.

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So, if you're planning on getting a tattoo soon or simply want to give your existing designs some extra TLC — Foreverist is for you. Prices range from $25 to $40 and all products can be found on the brand's website,

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