You Should Only Try These Wax Strips If You're Ready to Change Your Life

They're easy, (mostly) painless, and unlike anything you've used before.

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In a recent Slack conversation with sister site HelloGiggles editor, Danielle Fox, I entered into a completely candid exchange about Flamingo’s Body Wax Kit, the essence of which I’ll paste here, unedited:

Laura Reilly 2:02 PM

that’s perfect, thanks so much!

also, love these strips so cool that you dont have to rub them together like other wax strips

Danielle Fox 2:04 PM

right?? i can never go back

Laura Reilly 2:05 PM

truly! i dont even make waxing appointments anymore

This is to say: My love for the hair removal system is just as strong behind closed doors as when published on a major platform with an international audience (hi, InStyle readers!).

Let’s get one thing straight — yes, they are wax strips, much like the ones you’ll find on the bottom shelf of the hair removal section in your local CVS. But, unlike those painful, residue-leaving, high-maintenance versions, Flamingo’s Body Wax Kit makes at-home waxing as easy as it looks in TV ads.

The 180º difference in experience lies in Flamingo’s advanced waxing technology. The newcomer brand uses a new kind of wax in its peel-apart strips that doesn’t require you to ‘heat’ the soft gel by rubbing in-between your hands, unlike other products. It also made the smart decision to cut its strips with wavy edges, which makes them super easy to separate.

These considerations make the actual waxing process simple. You just peel apart the strip, arrange one half on the desired area, and swiftly pull in the opposite direction of hair growth. Voilà. If you don’t get every hair in one go (which is natural), you can use the same strip several more times to gather up any stragglers — Flamingo’s site says each side of the strip can be used two or more times, and, in my experience, they keep their power for at least four or five goes.

A 24-wax strip kit also includes six post-wax wipes: almond oil-based cloths that will gently remove any residue while moisturizing the sensitive, just-waxed area. As with any waxing tool, Flamingo’s wax kit isn’t completely pain-free, but thanks to its gentle wax formula that clings to hair more than skin, the experience is far more manageable.

Flamingo also has an entire page dedicated to waxing tips and tricks to make the experience even smoother, and some of the advice is actually new to me. For instance, I learned that pulling the wax strip parallel to skin eases tension, and that Flamingo’s wax strips are effective on hairs as short as 1.5 millimeters.

Naturally, the most satisfying part of waxing with Flamingo’s strips (aside from seeing all of the individual hairs on the strip post-pull) is how damn smooth my skin feels after. The result is professional-quality, baby dolphin softness that lasts way, way longer than a shave.

A box of body wax strips retails for $10, or you can get a two-pack for $19. You can also buy smaller strips perfect for your upper lip, underarms, and bikini line (which also includes a calming serum) for $10 a box. For the steadfast non-waxers among you, Flamingo’s lineup also includes shaving supplies, body lotion, and a newly launched Mons Mist, a sprirtzable conditioner for your pubes.

Shop the wax kit that made me actually enjoy waxing for just $10 at

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