Shoppers Say This 2-in-1 Microneedling Tool Makes Skin "Look Brighter and Feel Refreshed" After One Use

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Face Gym Face Roller
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Of all the at-home skincare tools and devices, derma rollers scare me the most. No matter how commonplace they become, the idea of a wheel covered in tiny spikes being rolled over my skin makes me nervous. But there are many benefits to microneedling that have made it an increasingly common and popular treatment. Derma rollers are said to improve the skin's collagen production, reduce acne scars, and better absorb skincare products, ultimately improving the appearance of your complexion.

Of all the options on the market, Facegym's Youthful Active Roller is the most multitasking, unintimidating option, plus InStyle readers can get it for 20 percent off with code INSTYLEXFG.

Microneedling Tool

Shop now: $52 with code INSTYLEXFG (Originally $65);

I attribute its relative approachability to the fact that the needles on Facegym's Roller dissolve as you use it, unlike most other tools (once the wheel is completely flat, you're done with your at-home face treatment). Personally, this makes me feel better about how sharp the needles are and minimizes my fear of inadvertently harming my skin. One reviewer concurred, "I'm used to dermarolling and this [tool] has a very similar concept. It doesn't feel painful, though, and doesn't leave your skin irritated compared to when you have actual needles puncturing the skin."

The Youthful Active Roller is also infused with skincare ingredients, including a plant-based retinol alternative called Reneseed, plus niacinamide, and green tea — all of which penetrate deeper thanks to the dissolving needles. A session with the roller will result in firmer, smoother skin with less visible wrinkles, redness, scarring, and hyperpigmentation.

One reviewer said they saw "fantastic results after just one application" with acne scars less visible and a more hydrated and glowing complexion. "[The Youthful Active Roller] makes your skin look much brighter and feels refreshed," another five-star reviewer said.

Each Youthful Active Roller kit comes with a reusable handle, two dissolving heads, and a storage pouch. The brand recommends using a new head with each use, which can be purchased in three head options, available in packs of four: the aforementioned Youthful refill, plus vitamin C-infused Brightening and a hyaluronic acid and peptide-rich Hydrating varieties.

The kits and roller head refills are usually each $65 but you can nab 20 percent off with the exclusive InStyle code INSTYLEXFG. Head to Facegym to add this invigorating, once-a-week treatment to your skincare routine.

Youthful Active Roller Refills

Shop now: $52 with code INSTYLEXFG (Originally $65);

Brightening Active Roller Refills

Shop now: $52 with code INSTYLEXFG (Originally $65);

Hydrating Active Roller Refills

Shop now: $52 with code INSTYLEXFG (Originally $65);

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