Ellen DeGeneres Has Launched an "Age-Positive" Skincare Line

It's called Kind Science.

Ellen DeGeneres can now add skincare junkie and beauty entrepreneur to her hefty resume. The comedian and morning show host has officially launched her new, "age-positive" skincare line: Kind Science, alongside celebrity makeup artist and cosmetics brand founder Victoria Jackson.

According to a press release from the brand, DeGeneres has struggled with sensitive skin for years, practically searching the globe for skincare that actually worked, with no such luck. Which is why the multi-hyphenate decided to formulate her own line of effective skincare products without irritating ingredients.

Enter Kind Science: the brainchild of the comedian and her good friend and co-founder Jackson, a skincare line for all skin types, transcendent of age, gender, or race, that is crafted without fragrance, harsh chemicals, or preservatives.

"The concept for Kind Science came about as I had struggled for years to find skincare products that didn't irritate my increasingly sensitive skin," DeGeneres said in a press release. "I've tried pretty much everything out there and finally decided to launch my own line, not wanting to compromise the things that matter most to me — caring for yourself, animals and the planet."

DeGeneres also didn't want negative "anti-aging" messaging to bog down the skincare line, so she coined the line "age-positive," encouraging users to embrace the life they lived with a way to support their skin and any lines that have come along the way.

Kind Science by Ellen DeGeneres and Victoria Jackson
Courtesy of Kind Science

"Kind Science isn't about anti-aging because aging is a good thing, it shows you've lived a lot, learned a lot, and hopefully laughed a lot," said DeGeneres. "I want to keep laughing, just with fewer laugh lines and wrinkles!"

The line includes seven products that the company describes as "daily-use", including the Gentle Cleanser, a Micro Exfoliant+, the Firming Serum, Hydration Cream, Eye Cream, Neck Treatment, and Radiance Oil, all priced at under $50. The brand also has several duos and trios of products available that conveniently bundle the essentials all while saving money. In fact, the bundles proved to be so popular that the Firm + Hydrate Duo sold out within 24 hours. Users still have the option to purchase each product individually. The full line is available now at kindscience.com.

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