This On-Sale Primer Instantly Makes Wrinkles So Much Less Noticeable — and Keeps Makeup on Like Glue

14,000+ people love the effects.

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While playing the skincare long game is the best way to guarantee results stretching well into the future, rare is the find that delivers instantaneous results for lines and wrinkles. In my time as a beauty writer, I've only come across a handful. There's the Botox-in-a-bottle that a friend says lifts and tightens bags before her eyes, and then the K-beauty brand that's left 14,000+ shoppers smiling — one of the best Prime Day beauty deals you can buy today.

The hundreds of five-star ratings for Elizabeth Mott's Thank Me Later Illuminating Face Primer stem from its phenomenal formula, a "little jewel" that keeps makeup on through "sweat-soaked outdoor picnics" and all the grease that summer brings to the table. And best of all, the primer delivers immediate results by filling in laugh lines and wrinkles, smoothing over creases and pores without clogging them in the process.

Traditionally primers are used prior to makeup, but shoppers in their 60s have also found great success on days they go it alone. "I use it when I want to smooth my face with no base makeup, and just want to go out during the day with this, a little blush and light eye makeup," one reviewer writes. "It makes my 65-year-old skin feel great and look perky."

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Others call it the best purchase they've made in years, servicing both greaseball skin and dryer, aging complexions without fail. "It took me years, but I've found the perfect primer," one person says of the cruelty-free base; another adds that the "illuminating" moniker is no joke. "It makes my face so luminescent, I'm receiving compliments from strangers! I'm 76 and honestly think this helps me look far younger." Pearl powder: It gets the job done.

On top of the anti-aging illusion it weaves, the Elizabeth Mott formula makes skin "silky soft," smooth, and a compliment magnet regardless of underlying acne, rosacea, and dull skin. A tube of the formula normally runs $15 — a steal for something shoppers dub better than Sephora-stocked formulas double the price – but Amazon Prime Day slashes the price by 20 percent, bringing it to $12 for the next few hours. Grab it while you can, and as the name implies, get those thanks prepped for later.

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