This "Magic" TikTok-Famous Spray Makes Any Makeup Long-Lasting

“I got home at 3 a.m. and my makeup was still PERFECT. 10/10, chef’s kiss.”

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This "Magic" TikTok-Famous Spray Makes Any Makeup Long-Lasting
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As tempting as it is to tease TikTok as the epicenter of wretchedly reborn trends that any millennial knows never to speak of again, I have to hand it to the platform: The creators know a great product when they see one. The viral $1 shaving powder is one example, and the Esponjabon mother of pearl discoloration-lightening soap another. The latest: A setting spray that transforms any makeup into a budge-proof look that absolutely will not transfer.

Videos of Charlotte Tilbury's Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray have cumulatively racked up over 173.5 thousand likes on TikTok, demonstrating how a few spritzes of the spray takes products from easily smudgeable to immovable. The effect has people wondering "what kind of magic is this?" and coming up on the dog days of summer, it'll take a little witchcraft to keep makeup from melting in the heat.

Although looking at the ingredients, it's more likely that science is behind the setting spray's power. Per the brand, film formers — namely, PVP — act as an "invisible shield to help flawlessly set makeup all day without melting, fading or settling into lines." It's aided by an "aromatic resin from the bark of a tree grown on the Greek island of Chios," pistacia lentiscus gum. According to, the gum blocks an enzyme in the sebum-producing process, tightening pores as it reduces shine.

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It's worth highlighting the ingredients because a recent report found Teflon-like "forever chemicals" in long-lasting makeup, and while researchers found the chemicals even in products that didn't include them on the label, given the finding, it's worth taking a hard look at whether products that lock-on are worth the risk. Especially considering that some products do list Teflon, alias PTFE, in their ingredients.

So options like the Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray are more than welcome, and the product's 600+ five-star ratings on the brand's website testify that it goes above and beyond to keep your makeup intact. "It has dramatically reduced the amount of transfer," one shopper writes of their makeup-under-mask test. "As for the rest of my face, absolutely golden. The makeup lasted so long on my face, and that says a lot because I'm a prolific sweater."

The lightweight formula is so powerful that one reviewer says it easily bests other top setting sprays, since the Airbrush Flawless also makes pores "instantly disappear" (thank you, pistacia lentiscus from the Greek island of Chios). Others write that TikTok turned them on to a revolutionary trick for concrete makeup: Use primer, setting powder, and the setting spray followed by foundation for an impressively hardy, fittingly flawless finish.

The proof is in the pictures: One person snapped their fully-intact makeup after a 15-hour shift at the hospital, and the look is immaculate. "Never knew how much I needed this," writes a last reviewer of the ultra-fine mist. "I got home at 3 a.m. and my makeup was still PERFECT. 10/10, chef's kiss." If you're heading to the beach this weekend or just want your eyeliner to last through a muggy commute, there's no downside to trying the TikTok-famous find.

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