Oprah's Favorite Brow Filler Is Under $20 for a Limited Time Only

Sales this good don’t come often.

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The Foolproof Brow Pencil 10,000+ People Love Is Under $20 for Prime Day
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Few brow products — or beauty products, period — are as iconic as Anastasia Beverly Hills' Brow Wiz. The incredibly realistic-looking marks created by the slim pencil defined brows throughout the aughts, earning it standby status from countless shoppers and celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Oprah Winfrey. And if you're a Brow Wiz devotee or just want to try the pencil everyone swears by, act fast, because it's 30 percent off for Amazon Prime Day.

While the brand's since grown to encompass makeup across every category (including a little ditty you might know as the Modern Renaissance palette), it began as a brow-focused line of innovations. Not all of them have survived as the brand's matured, but Brow Wiz's magic is almost unmatchable, as the pencil's 10,000+ five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers attest.

"Best brow pencil I've ever used in my life," one shopper writes, citing the best-selling pencil's fine point and soft, durable texture as what sets it head and shoulders above the rest. "I've used it for several years now and wouldn't think of anything else. I just wish I had found this in the first place — it would've saved me a lot of grief and a lot of wasted money."

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Shop now: $16 (Originally $23); amazon.com

Those with sparse brows, like the reviewer above, say that the pencil fakes hairs so well that there's no going back after you've tried it. Even those a step beyond sparse love it: A reviewer with "virtually no eyebrows" after cancer treatment says that while they've tried tons of brow pencil options, Anastasia's Brow Wiz is the only Goldilocks-fit for brows that looks effortlessly natural and don't budge.

The brand's color development is also where the Brow Wiz shines. People with very blonde eyebrows turn to the Taupe shade when every other pencil veers reddish-orange, and it reads just as well on shoppers with graying brows. Difficult-to-match redheads likewise find solace with the unique range of Auburn, Strawburn, and Caramel shades, and Granite is a solution for people with hair from "raven black" to dark brown — and as one self-described busy mom writes, you don't even need an accurate hand for it to still look perfect.

"Brow Wiz is LIFE CHANGING," a last shopper solemnly swears. "Get it. Now. Seriously. I suffer from early-2000s brows (plucked them to thin lines, and now they won't grow back), and this pencil lets me fill in gaps and make little feather-light strokes to mimic hair. I'm by no means a makeup artist, but I feel confident enough in this tool to use it often and not worry about looking weird. On days I don't want to wear makeup, I'll still put my brows on because this just looks so natural."

Even people who say it hurts to spend $25 on a brow pencil walk away convinced — and if you're one of them, the $18 price for Prime Day is adrenaline-rush good. Snatch your shade before it's gone.

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