makeover app
Credit: Getty Images

You're probably already acquainted with Perfect365, the digital makeover app that lets you try on different looks with one tap to your smartphone screen. But perhaps you'll be surprised to learn, like we were, that it's one of the number one makeup apps in terms of downloads. It has over 80 million users and nearly 8 million digital makeovers take place every. single. day. Talk about impressive stats.

The app uses top-of-the-line face detection technology to scan your face after you upload a selfie. From there, you can drag little pin points around your eyes, mouth, nose, chin, and hairline so that it's even more precise. Next, you scroll through the various makeover options and select whichever ones appeal the most. With one click, your face is instantly transformed. We find that some of the makeup looks are a little too done up, but that's part of the fun. They also have more natural options, and you can even use the app to simply smooth out your skin or do light "touch up" work.

Though we think you're beautiful just the way you are, it's fun to see yourself made over in under a second. Plus, playing with the app is a great way to try out new colors and new hair styles that you might not have considered otherwise. Perfect365 also has some fun, themed makeover packs available, including a recently released package for Pride, a summer festival inspired flash tattoo pack, spooky halloween makeovers, NYFW looks, and everyday makeup.

We know what you're going to be doing the next time you're standing in line or trying to pass the time... happy makeovers to you!