The $74 (!) Body Scrub That Gave Me Baby Skin

Photo: tatcha / Instagram

I’ve never been much for body-care products. I already spend such an inordinate amount of time fussing over the skin above my neck that even standard maintainence on the skin below would be too trying.

So, for years, I ignored my poor little limbs, only treating them with plain ole lotion on the one or two winter days when I couldn’t stand the dryness. But I’m atoning for my sins big time in the form of Tatcha Black Sugar Body Gommage ($74;

How, you might ask, does a girl go from using zero body products to a $74 body scrub? I’ll admit, I was first drawn in by superficial reasons like color and scent: Like all of Tatcha’s blue indigo-based products, the scrub has got a slightly-herbal, totally natural scent to it that’s most definitely aromatherapeutic. And the stuff itself is blue. Like, bright, beautiful, indigo blue. It was prettier looking and smelling than any body product I’d ever seen, and therefore—if only to enhance my shower shelfie—I took it home with me.

And boy, am I glad I did. A single scrub down with this stuff makes my skin feel baby-soft. At first, I was convinced it was a one-off fluke—after years of not exfoliating, surely even the most ho-hum scrub would seem miraculous. But time after time, I remained impressed with this one. And now, I can’t imagine my life—or limbs—without it.

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