These Ice Globes Soothe My Itchy, Puffy Allergy Eyes — and They're 33% Off

Just pop them in the fridge.

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Prime Fitness Ice Globes
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Seasonal allergies have gotten the best of my eyes this summer. Between the constant rubbing and sneezing, my eyes have been swollen, puffy, and itchy all season long. I've tried everything from allergy pills to weekly eye masks to soothe the inflammation, but nothing has worked quite as well as an at-home device. Sure, there are jade rollers and a plethora of LED gadgets you can try, but Prime Fitness Ice Globes have been the most effective tool when it comes to relieving my allergy symptoms.

These little miracle workers are pretty simple: they're basically just two stainless steel globes that come with handles to make them easier to maneuver. I like to put the globes in the freezer for at least two hours (though they can stay for up to six hours) before using, but you can also place them in a bowl of hot water and use it as a relaxation massage. My preferred method is the freezer route, as the cold shock helps improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of my fine lines and puffy eyes — while also tightening my skin. I start by gently rolling the globes underneath my eyes from the side of my nose towards my cheekbones. It's instantly soothing, and when my allergies are really bad, the Ice Globes are also great for sinus pressure.

Prime Fitness Ice Globes for Facials

Shop now: $20 (Originally $30);

The Ice Globes even promote lymphatic drainage, the process of disposing waste from the bloodstream — and the main step to depuffing and minimizing excess fluid. I've even used the globes to diminish the redness from a blemish by pressing it against the pimple. After I use the globes, I'll continue with my skin care routine by cleansing and applying my eye serum.

But don't just take my word for it, 85 percent of Amazon shoppers have given it a five star rating.

"Stainless steel feels nice and smooth on the skin when using them for lymphatic massage," one shopper said, adding that the globes give "a good, deep massage into the muscles." "These are easy to use and I can definitely notice a difference in my skin," another shopper shared.

For allergy eyes, blemishes, sunburns, and large pores, it's high time to invest in Prime Fitness Ice Globes. Buy it for $20 on Amazon.

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