Shoppers Say This Supermodel-Approved CBD Bath Soak Is 'Almost Better Than Sex'

And it cancels the need for lotion and melatonin.

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This Moisturizing Bath Soak Is Now Supermodel Approved
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As a beauty writer, I've spent my career conferring with dermatologists and aestheticians about the best ways to keep your skin in top shape. Unfortunately, that means often running into a tip that directly conflicts with my lifestyle, and desire to feel warm and luxurious at all times. That is, many skin experts say that if you want soft skin, you should steer clear of steaming hot baths and showers.

I understand the logic, but respectfully, no.

And going by social media, I'm not alone — but thanks to an Instagram tip-off from supermodel Behati Prinsloo Levine, I just discovered the trick for combining hot baths with next-level skin softening. Her choice? Prima's Bath Gem Effervescent Mineral Soak with CBD. After watching Prinsloo's footage of the bath gem fizzing into life with the comment that she "needs a million more," I looked into the treatment and found appropriately sparkling reviews (Gwyneth Paltrow is also a fan).

Bath Gem Effervescent Mineral Soak with CBD PRIMA

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Prima's soak takes Epsom salt and adds safflower seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, eucalyptus oil, camphor, and lavender oil, along with kaolin clay and broad-spectrum hemp extract with 25 milligrams of naturally occurring CBD. According to Nordstrom shoppers, the combination makes their skin "extra soft, and my bath extra relaxing." Where tons of bath soaks give you a fun experience but end up lacking on the moisture front, reviewers say it actually hydrates their skin. They feel the oils penetrating their skin "instantly," and the effect cancels out the need for lotion afterwards.

The relaxation is also immediate, per another shopper, and lasts through your bath and beyond. In a feat especially impressive for corona-times, one person said they felt "soooooo chill" after using one of the bath gems, and another wrote that it's replaced their need for melatonin and sleep aids.

The "little bit of bath perfection" is so good, one person who got it as a present says they ordered more of them from the tub the night they tried it — a smart decision in light of how soft, smooth, and fabulously-smelling their skin ended up. And instead of dissipating or rubbing off, shoppers say the buttery moisture lasts for several days after using one of the gems.

The CBD aspect is more than a marketing plug, too; One person writes that it reduced their soreness after an extremely long run, and two more add that it makes for an excellent night of sleep. One shopper with fibromyalgia says the soak eased their pain, and another writes that it's the first thing to give them relief. "I'm shocked that they worked, as I was skeptical...but they work!! Bravo!"

Along the same lines, a shopper with chronic pain and knees and hips that "ache all the time" says post-bath gem, they felt less achy than normal and their skin felt amazing, earning it a permanent spot in their self-care routine. One more says that where they're normally still sore the day after an Epsom salt bath, the "gamechanger" bath gem left their aches non-existent.

"I love this more than anything. You will stand up from the bath feeling relaxed, smelling like a diva with unbelievable soft skin," writes a final shopper. "Total bliss! Almost better than sex."

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