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Confession time: it is very rare that we get this excited over a particular toothpaste. LED teeth-whitening devices and sonic wave toothbrushes? Sure. We even got down with oil pulling for about an hour. We'll admit, we've stuck to the same toothpaste for years, until PopWhite came along. The brand has certainly impressed us with their Whitening Primer + Toothpaste, so named as it pairs very well with the PopWhite Toner + Oral Rinse. And you guys—it's purple. Like, need we say more?

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The reason behind the violet hue goes deeper than just aesthetics, of course. You know how purple shampoo works to eliminate any yellow tones in dyed hair? The PopWhite toothpaste pretty much has the same effect on your teeth, giving immediate results, while using its cocktail of natural ingredients to whiten your enamel and fade stains.

It also makes the process of brushing your teeth a lot more entertaining, so there's that.

It is recommended to follow with the Whitening Toner + Oral Rinse, which is also a fun shade of purple, and when both are used in conjunction for roughly two weeks, testers have reported that their teeth appear at least 4 shades whiter. Seriously, they're like color-correctors for the coffee and red wine-obsessed.

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Pick up the toothpaste-mouthwash duo now at, priced at $34 for both, or buy each product solo for $24 a pop.