It hits close to home for many women.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated May 11, 2016 @ 6:00 am
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In terms of what we consider grooming “maintenance,” hair removal of any kind doesn’t usually score high on the enjoyment meter. Whether it’s your brows, lip, chin, bikini line, legs, or all of the above, getting rid of fuzz feels more like a chore than other beauty appointments, like trying out a new hair color or putting your feet up for a pedi.

Society has long treated body hair like a dirty little secret, and when you’re young and dealing with more of the stuff than your peers, well, those hairs can feel like a curse.

Naina Kataria, a 22-year-old Delhi-based writer, recently shared her own struggles with body hair in a beautiful, extremely personal poem. And if you never thought you’d see the words body hair and beautiful poem together in the same sentence, well then you definitely have to read Kataria’s work. The piece has gone viral since she posted it, with the subject matter and struggle hitting close to home for so many women.

Body hair can be a deeply personal issue, something we’re so embarrassed to talk about yet something most of us contend with. If we could all speak as openly (and eloquently) as Kataria on the subject, maybe we would feel a little more comfortable in our own skin…and hair.