Shoppers With "Cavernous Pores" Credit This Discounted Facial Tool for Giving Them Porcelain-Like Skin

Save 40 percent on what fans call “the most effective pore cleanser” before the sale ends tonight.

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PMD Facial Tool
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Everyone has different skincare concerns, but we can all probably agree that one of the most ugh-inducing issues is blackheads (and clogged pores!), especially come summer time. Heat and humidity causes more oil production, which, in turn, results in more prominent-looking pores and those pesky black dots. Ugh.

A good skincare routine is key to keeping blackheads at bay — on your nose, cheeks, and chin — but sometimes, a simple cleanser can't do the trick on its own. The solution? A facial tool like Amazon's best-selling PMD Smart Facial Cleansing Device that really breaks down dirt and oil deep within the pores. In fact, this particular tool — which is a whopping 40 percent off for Prime Day — works so well, one shopper even went on to crown it "the most effective pore cleaner." Considering the sheer amount of products out there that claim (but often fail) to do just that, that's saying a lot.

PMD Clean - Smart Facial Cleansing Device

Shop now: $59 (Originally $99);

The PMD Smart Cleansing Facial Device uses over 7,000 vibrations per minute, and with its sonic glow technology, it's a superstar at deeply removing the skin's impurities. (Bonus: It can also be used to massage your moisturizer for deeper hydration and glow.) And while the tool is certainly a game changer in clearing clogged pores and blackheads, that's not the only skin issue it helps with.

Many reviews also mention that regular use of the PMD device has cleared their acne, softened skin, and reduced the appearance of crow's feet and forehead wrinkles. As for how long to see results? One customer, who called the tool "life-changing," notes they saw a difference after the first use.

Perhaps the biggest testament to the tool's powers is this: One shopper who mentioned they've struggled with cavernous pores for years credits the PMD cleanser for achieving porcelain-like skin. Wow.

Other things shoppers love about the PMD, compared to rivaling cleansing tools: The cord-free design for easy holding, plus its silicone material is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and waterproof, making it super easy to clean.

No matter what skin issues you're plagued with right now, this device from PMD can resolve them. Shop the game-changing tool while it's 40 percent off on Amazon.

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