Olivia Campbell holds nothing back.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated Apr 22, 2016 @ 6:30 am
This Plus-Size Model’s Raw Words About Body Image Are Gutting
Credit: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

Stylelikeu, a style site sparking an empowering self-acceptance movement, created a documentary series in which women get completely honest about body image while removing their clothes on camera. The result is an incredibly raw and often heart-wrenching view of how hard we, as women, are on ourselves and the instances that occurred during childhood that set the launch sequence for those feelings.

Plus-size model Olivia Campbell filmed her story for the series and her words will likely hit close to home. Not only does she share feelings of inadequacy she felt as a young girl in terms of body image, she also delves into what it feels like to battle depression (describing it as treading through quicksand), and how she overcame some of the most difficult moments in her life.

“Words are powerful, powerful things – as are actions,” she says. “Choose to use good words. Make someone feel good rather than making someone feel bad. You don’t know how much you can damage a person by just one sentence and how someone can think about that forever.”

While Campbell is quick to admit she doesn’t have life all figured out, as her glamorous photos might suggest, she has gained the confidence she wishes she had as a child.

“I’m happy with my body and I’m happy with my madness,” she says. “That’s all I can ask for really.”