Her confidence is on pointe.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated May 10, 2016 @ 6:00 am
This Plus-Size Ballerina Is Serious Body Positive Goals
Credit: Natalia Ganelin/Getty Images

We adore confident women who inspire others to feel just as empowered, so when BuzzFeed recently alerted us to 30-year-old Frostine Shake, a quadruple-threat makeup artist, model, burlesque dancer/ballerina, and designer (for which she goes by Iliana Vera) we were intrigued.

A photo posted by 🎀Frostine Shake🎀 (@frostineshake) on Mar 15, 2016 at 10:27am PDT

For starters, anyone with that many talents is pretty badass in our book, but the strength and poise Shake exudes on social media is equally as impressive. Take the above photo, for example, where she takes it back to her ballet roots.

She told BuzzFeed that she took formal ballet classes for about 10 years until she decided the overwhelming pressure to maintain the stereotypical thin ballerina frame didn’t interest her.

Undeterred by the constraints of ballet, Shake continued to pursue her love of dance, but through burlesque.

“I started to explore different types of dance that gave me freedom to express myself in a body-positive way,” she said. “Burlesque showcased my love of dance, art, music, and fashion.”

Still, she finds herself incorporating ballet technique into her performances, much to the thrill of her followers.

The confidence takeaway here?

Don’t let societal pressures dictate what you think you can and cannot do or how you should look to fulfill your dreams.