The Nail Colors Each Sign Should Wear During Pisces Season

Pisces Season Nails
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With Pisces season officially underway, it's time to start clearing out your winter nail polish colors to make room for brighter and more sensual shades.

"Life is but a dream during Pisces season and nail polish choices should resemble our deepest sentiments," InStyle's go-to astrologer Lisa Stardust shares. "During this witchy and mystical month, we should dress our nails with romantic metallics and ethereal glittery colors that resemble the sea."

Find out which shades the universe is calling for your sign to wear during the season, ahead.

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Pisces: Illimité Wisdom or Wit

Pisces Season Nails - Pisces

"This is the ultimate nail polish for mystical Pisces," says Stardust. "The multicolored watery hues will enable them to embrace their inner sea goddess. Also, the color changes based on emotion — which is on point for intuitive Pisces."

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Aries: Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro in My Boyfriend's Back

Pisces Season Nails - Aries

"This periwinkle blue is the color between the sky and the ocean, which is why Aries will choose to wear it during this mystical season," the astrologer shares.

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Taurus: Tom Ford Nail Lacquer

Pisces Season Nails - Taurus

According to Stardust, "There's no better color than pure gold for Taurus to indulge their luxurious and playful sentiments this month."

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Gemini: Dior Vernis in 999 Rouge

Pisces Season Nails - Dior Vernis in 999 Rouge

"The twins will flip for this cherry nail polish," shares Stardust. "It will serve as their go-to polish color from now on."

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Cancer: Chanel Le Vernis in Radiant Verde

Pisces Season Nails - Cancer

"This metallic aqua will make all crabs feel at home in the ocean with their watery Piscean fishy friends," says the mystic.

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Leo: OPI My Chihuahua Doesn't Bite Anymore

Pisces Season Nails - Leo

"This orange hue will pop on the regal nails of Leo," she shares. "Leos will shine with this color brightening up their claws."

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Virgo: Londontown Lakur in Opal

Pisces Season Nails - Virgo

"Virgos are purest, which is why they'll flip over this pearly opalescent hue that radiates different colors in the light," Stardust muses.

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Libra: Chanel Le Vernis in Particuliere

Pisces Season Nails - Libra

"Libras will love this office-appropriate — and afterhours — color," the astrologer notes. "It's the best shade to wear for all purposes."

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Scorpio: Essie No Place Like Chrome

Pisces Season Nails

According to the astrologer, "Silver nails doesn't make Scorpio second best — in fact, the shimmery and shiny shade will help you to glow up this month and feel seen under the moonlight on a hot date."

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Sagittarius: Londontown Lakur in Black Thorn

Pisces Season Nails - Sagittarius

"Purple is Sag's lucky color, which is why they'll totally feel as though they can make big bets and gambles with this color twinkling on their nails," she explains.

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Capricorn: Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish in My Glaze

Pisces Season Nails - Capricorn

"This garnet red will seduce and enchant even the busiest Capricorn," Stardust adds. "It will add old time glam to the sea goat's seasonal looks."

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Aquarius: Paintbox Nail Lacquer in Like Magic

Pisces Season Nails - Paintbox Nail Lacquer in Like Magic

"The water-bearer will glimmer with glee over this sparkly nail polish," the astrologer explains. "In fact, it will ignite their inner magic."

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