By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Sep 27, 2018 @ 1:30 pm
Pinterest Halloween Makeup
Credit: Getty Images

Turns out, the Internet loves Sally just as much as Jack Skellington. According to the social sharing platform's Halloween 2018 report, the Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas is the most-searched for Halloween beauty look on Pinterest. Yep, it even over-shadowed black cats, unicorns, and witches.

Considering the movie dropped over 20 years ago in 1993, we're kinda surprised that Pinterest users are still using her as inspo for their costumes. Not to mention the fact that there are so many other pop culture moments to choose from — think badass Eleven from Stranger Things, Unicorn frapps from Starbucks, and Tonya. Freaking. Harding!

Sally isn't exactly the most simplistic costume, either. To truly ace the Sally spirit, you'll need a scarlet red wig, drawn-on stitches, and a set of doll-like false lashes — you might want to start practice applying them now.

Some other surprising costumes in the top nine? Pinterest users apparently love space because the themed costume "Celestial" ranked at number two. It was followed by "Optical Illusion" and "Fairy."

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Rest assured, though, the world is still quite keen on pumpkins. Over the past year, it increased in search by over 880 percent.

Our tip? Check in with your friends before showing up to your Halloween party as Sally. You might just have a twin.