*Spritz, Spritz*

By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated Jul 22, 2016 @ 2:00 pm
MIMI - Cucumber Detox Mist LEAD
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There's a time and a place for basking in the sun. And if you do, obviously, you should be wearing SPF. But after the fact, regardless of whether you are a little red in the face or if you are just sun-kissed, your skin needs love and TLC after. Specifically, love and TLC in the form of cucumber extract (super calming) and hyaluronic acid for hydration. And luckily for you, Peter Thomas Roth has an incredible option coming down the pipeline that is formulated with those amazing ingredients in the form of a gorgeous mist that you can egregiously spritz on yourself at any time you like. It's simply splendid. Read on to find out more about why it is awesome.

What It's Called:

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox Balancing Essence Water Mist.

How Much It Will Set You Back:

A Black Tap burger and shake... or $28.

Should You Set Your Google Alerts?

Yes! Keep August 1 in mind.

What Makes It Special:

Well, a lot actually. It helps detoxify, refresh, soften, and hydrate skin.

Who’s It For?

Anyone—for all skin types.

When to Use It:

It's perfect for refreshing hydration throughout the day, and you can even apply it over makeup for a dewy finish.

What It Feels Like:

The cooling and calming.

What It Smells Like:

Cucumber Extract and chamomile!

What the Experts Are Saying:

"This Cucumber De-Tox Balancing Essence Water Mist can be used as a cleansing treatment essence, over makeup, or even on-the-go hydration. The best part is that you can use this as a special treatment option, using the Essence Water Mist and drenching the accompanying compresses sheet mask and apply for 5-10 minutes," says PTR himself.