This TikTok-Viral Lip Stain Lasted Through 5+ Hours of Eating and Drinking — and It’s Just $6 Until Tonight

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I Tried This $10 TikTok-Viral Lip Stain, and It Lasted Through 5+ Hours of Sweating, Eating, and Drinking

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When it comes to beauty, I will try anything once. I end up testing hundreds of products a month, but most are just meh and forgettable; the ones I remember are the few that are bad and the even fewer that are great. I know I like a product when I actually notice a hyperpigmentation serum working, friends compliment my “rich girl” skin, or I unknowingly go through tubes of lip plumper. Though with Peripera’s Ink the Velvet Lip Tint, I knew it was love when I realized it didn’t budge off my lips, and therefore decided I need half a dozen additional shades. 

While staring at the oversized basket of yet-to-try products in my apartment, I decided to reach for Ink the Velvet Lip Tint because I had been seeing it all over TikTok with users raving about the price, pigment, and lasting power. It’s even Amazon’s best-selling lip stain with more than 12,000 five-star ratings. In the midst of this past hot and humid summer, I incorporated the Velvet Lip Tint into my routine, and my relatively high expectations set by the internet were actually met. What’s more,  the already affordable $10 lip stain is on sale for just $6 right now until  Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale ends tonight. 

Peripera Ink the Velvet Lip Tint

Shop now: $6 (Originally $10);

I was initially surprised by the intensity of the color, so I applied two dots on my bottom lip and one on my top lip, carefully blending in the pigment with my ring finger. I did a base layer using 001, a brick red, and then used 017, a mauve dusty rose, on top to add dimension and ever so slightly mute the base pigment. 

For the duration of my experimentation with this lip tint, it was hideously hot in New York City — I am talking about 90-degree heat and air so humid it feels like you’re always damp. After applying, I set off in the horrible heat. I got an iced latte, waited for the bus in the blistering sun, had lunch with my family, walked around, stopped by a bookstore, and returned home. When I finally confronted my sweaty reflection, I was surprised to see that my lips were still that custom shade of mauve-ish red. Some of my hair had gotten frizzy, my blush had melted and patchily settled into my cheeks, and some of my mascara had bled onto my eyelids, but my lips were intact and rouged, despite everything else looking like a melted mess.

Tamimi Selfie

After returning home more than five hours later.

It’s honestly impressive, and I’m going to continue wearing Peripera’s Velvet Lip Tint both because it lasts forever and because the range of colors are great universal neutrals in line with the gym lips trend. Plus, I am a firm believer in the ingredients and innovation synonymous with Korean beauty brands like Peripera.

The only thorn in the side of this rose is that the Ink the Velvet Lip Tint is somewhat drying, or at the very least, not moisturizing. Ultimately, that wasn’t an issue for me since I constantly reapply salve throughout the day, regardless of what lip product I’m wearing. I also don’t especially mind that singular drawback because of the now-$6 price tag — a fraction of many of my other go-tos. 

Although TikTok can be off the mark (like when it suggested lube in place of primer), Peripera’s Ink the Velvet Lip Tint is a beloved beauty recommendation from the platform I can fully get behind. 

Peripera Ink the Velvet Lip Tint

Shop now: $6 (Originally $10);

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