By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Oct 08, 2017 @ 2:00 pm
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The year is 2017, and beauty brands seem to have only just realized we've been neglecting the skin on our scalps. If that is true, we've also been neglecting the skin on our vagina. Whether you're the type to wax or shave your pubes—I do the latter—you're familiar with the irritation that usually follows immediately after. Even if you're more of an au naturale type of gal, ingrown hairs are no fun, unless of course you happen to free a really satisfying one that was trapped.

Sure, you could extend your body cream to the skin on your bikini area, but is that actually safe? Enter The Perfect V, and their line of vagina-friendly skincare products.

Yes, you're reading that right. Skincare. For your vagina. They do not go in your vagina as a drop of Summer's Eve would, but rather, treat the delicate area I sometimes end up marring with a dull Venus Razor.

Earlier in the year, the brand got attention for their Very V Luminizer ($43;, as the world cried out "why are we telling women to highlight their vaginas!?" in response. I was intrigued enough to try it, and when I found out that the brand had an entire skincare line dedicated to that area where the sun doesn't shine, I obviously had to try it.

We're gonna get to know each other pretty well over the course of this post, dear reader.

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The Perfect V contains a full product range, spanning from cleansers and exfoliants, to serums and something called a Beauty Mist ($25;, which I didn't get to try because it was sold out. All of the formulas have been tested by both gynecologists and dermatologists for use around your Bermuda Triangle (heyooo vagina puns!). The packaging that houses the gentle concoctions is just as appealing, clad in millennial pink and a super fancy font, and the products basically look like ones you'd pick up at a department store and slather all over your complexion.

Strong enough for your face, but made for your vagina.

I took the Gentle Wash ($21; and the Gentle Exfoliator ($34; into the shower with me, and used them in that order. I loved how the exfoliant had a cream base, so it wasn't too abrasive, but it was gritty enough to free any trapped hairs just underneath the surface. Additionally, the wash did its job, and didn't smell artificial in the slightest, unlike some feminine care cleansers out there—honestly, I have no idea what a moonlit path smells like but I am pretty sure it is not normal for my vagina to smell like one.

I digress.

The exfoliant definitely made the process of shaving that came right after much easier, and as soon as I had toweled off, I applied the skincare products in the same order as I do on my face: first the serums, then the creams. As a general rule of thumb for all skincare, vagina-centric or otherwise, apply the thinnest formulas first, then work your way up by texture. I spread on the VV Serum ($54; first, then followed with the Very V Intensive Cream ($46;, and finally, the VV Cream ($46;

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Immediately, I was into it. My skin felt insanely smooth in the days that followed, and I'd sometimes run my hand across the surface when I was changing just because it hadn't been that soft since the one and only time I got a Brazilian. Even on my no-shave days, I applied a combo of the serum and cream, and I really think it helped a ton with the irritation I'd usually get. Sans-product, I'd have to deal with bumps and ingrowns immediately after shaving, and by the time it had calmed down, it was time to hack it all off again.

What can I say? I like a clean finish.

With The Perfect V's lineup, the irritation was practically non-existant, and I felt that my razor didn't pull at my skin as much the next time I shaved. I'm absolutely going to continue using the stuff, granted, you may not need every single product like I did. Realistically, you can get away with just the cleanser, exfoliant, and one of the serums or creams depending on how your skin behaves.

As for that controversial luminizer? It's more of a cream infused with a super-subtle sheen, if anything. It was a nice addition to have for the very end of the skincare routine. I'd apply a small dollop following the Very V Cream, and the shimmer wasn't super noticeable. Still, the formula is hydrating enough that you could swap it out for the cream entirely if you want to take your already extra routine up a level.

But you know, I'm reserving it for special occasions.