This Plastic-Free, Refillable Lotion Is Setting a New Standard In Clean Beauty

And the formula is vegan, too.

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It's safe to say that we're all in different places when it comes to our "clean beauty journey." Some are embracing the idea fully and only shopping from brands that meet certain eco-friendly requirements, while others are barely giving it a passing thought. And of course, there are endless variants in-between.

But when you're faced with hard facts, it's impossible to ignore the plastic crisis we are currently facing — and the beauty industry's huge role in it. National Geographic reports that 70% of the plastic packaging from beauty products ends up in landfills, and since it also reports that as of 2019, personal care alone is a $500 billion dollar industry, that is a devastatingly large amount of plastic waste coming directly from our beauty routines.

While many brands are starting to implement changes to their manufacturing processes and utilizing recycled and bio-sourced plastics, a journey to sustainability in packaging is an arduous process that takes years, which is why I was thrilled to learn that Peach — a 100% plastic-free brand that launched in 2020 —has just entered the body care arena.

Peach's move into body care (the brand launched with facial cleansing bars and shampoo/conditioner bars) includes a body lotion, body balm, and deodorant, each housed in refillable aluminum cases, making them completely plastic-free. In addition to being refillable, making the cases from aluminum is a huge step toward sustainability, since aluminum is an infinitely recyclable material, and 75% of all aluminum ever produced in the U.S. is still in use today. Since launching, Peach has also helped consumers prevent 43,000 pounds of plastic from entering landfills, and the brand projects it will keep 170,000 pounds of plastic from entering the environment by the end of its first year.

The Peach Soothing Body Lotion is a clean, vegan body lotion stick made with shea butter, jojoba, mango seed butter, grape seed oil, and a host of other soothing, moisturizing, natural ingredients. The initial starter kit includes an aluminum case and the refill lotion stick, which is easy to drop into the case (and pop out again once it's empty), and then roll up to start using.


To shop: $20;

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For people who are unfamiliar with natural beauty care, applying a lotion stick is definitely an adjustment, but one I'd consider easy. I apply body lotion every morning after shaving my legs in the shower, and at 5'11", that's a lot of leg real estate to cover. Often in my morning rush, I either miss a spot — which then starts feeling irritated from the earlier shave — or I inadvertently launch lotion onto my carpet, bedspread, or furniture. Using Peach's Body Lotion stick eliminates all those issues by offering a controlled application of a solid product. Having your lotion melt into your skin from a stick also prevents over-application and the subsequent clothing-stick that can also happen with traditional lotions.

The stick is fragranced with natural oils and plant extracts, and I'm a big fan of the Coconut Lavender scent. It's mild, and honestly neither noticeably coconutty or lavender-y, but rather its own new hybrid scent that is unique and enjoyable and quite subtle.

The brand's All-Over Body Balm has the same easy-to-use refillable aluminum casing, and a delicate Coconut Pineapple scent that smells like what I imagine the rooms at a super-exclusive resort on a private island in the Pacific would smell like. I plan to keep it close-by all summer to keep my problematically dry heels sandal-ready.


To shop: $20;

Peach's all-natural, aluminum-free (except for the packing) Deodorant is particularly exciting when you consider a typical deodorant case, which you technically would have to disassemble in order to recycle it properly.

Even if you are in a committed relationship with your recycling bin, how many deodorant tubes have you disassembled and recycled in your life? And conversely, how many sticks of deodorant have you used — and thrown away — in your life? I'm not going to lie, thinking about that is enough to send me into a plastic shame-spiral. But I'm a firm believer in "know better, do better," and the bottom line is Peach's new body care line makes it easier to do right by our planet, while not compromising your regular beauty routine.

Take it from me: Eliminating plastic from your personal care routine just got a whole lot easier.

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