The Brand Behind Those Incredibly Popular Retinol Sticks Just Launched a Game-Changing Serum

Peace Out’s Dark Spots Serum is anti-aging and acne-fighting. 

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The Brand Behind Those Incredibly Popular Retinol Sticks is Launching a Game-Changing Serum
Photo: Peace Out Skincare/ InStyle

If you have not tried Peace Out Skincare, now's a great time to get acquainted. The brand started with a focus on combating all stages of a breakout and has since expanded with one bonafide hit after the other. Most recently its encapsulated retinol face and eye sticks have been the talk of the town. Today, the brand releases what is sure to be another crowd favorite: the Dark Spots Serum.

The active ingredients in this serum are alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), tranexamic acid, and alpha-arbutin. The first is a chemical exfoliant frequently found in toners that improves skin tone and texture, the second is an amino acid that lessens the severity of dark spots, and the third is a synthetic hydroquinone derivative that brightens and evens out complexions.


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I think of breakouts in two stages: the active stage where pimples and blemishes are on the surface of the skin, and the aftermath when the sebaceousness has subsided, and in its wake comes discoloration, dark spots, and uneven texture. The Dark Spots Serum handles both. "It was specifically designed to fight hyperpigmentation and dark spots, which I, myself, personally suffer from," Enrico Frezza CEO & founder of Peace Out Skincare tells InStyle. "It is both an acne and an anti-aging product."

This serum isn't an overnight fix, but more of a longer-term, steady complexion-improving serum. According to the brand you can expect to see dark spots caused by acne fading within two to four weeks, and sunspots, age spots, and melasma fading after eight to 12 weeks.

This affordable $29 serum will get your skin into summer-ready shape without the irritation or intenseness associated with other popular active ingredients. While you should always apply SPF to ensure you're not counteracting the benefits of your skincare routine, this serum is gentle enough to be used in the morning (unlike, say retinol, which should be confined to nighttime routines). Head to Peace Out to get your hands on your own skin-transforming serum.

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