A No-Irritation Retinol Stick Just Hit Shelves and Results Are Visible in as Little as 72 Hours

The counterpart to its Retinol Eye Stick is just as impressive. 

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I have gone through dozens of sheets of Peace Out's Acne Healing Dots. When I am really hormonal they are my safety blanket product — I apply anywhere and everywhere and rest assured that my skin will be taken care of. When the brand launched into the retinol space with its Retinol Eye Stick, cyberspace was stunned. A $28 never-seen-before balm texture retinol with unbelievable immediate and long term results? Groundbreaking. Thankfully the brand has heard the consequent wishes from customers and delivered with the Peace Out Retinol Face Stick.

This new retinol product from Peace Out is an all over version of the aforementioned eye product, and costs $34 on Peace Out and Sephora. There are a few things that make this product a standout in the increasingly oversaturated retinol market. First of all, both the texture and formula are unique. As Enrico Frezza, the CEO & Founder of Peace Out, explained to InStyle, "This is the only balm retinol of its kind, the first product on the market from any company that contains an encapsulated retinol, and it is formulated with the highest percentage of retinol possible [over the counter]."

Peace Out Retinol Stick

Buy now: $34; peaceoutskincare.com, sephora.com

Although Retinol Face Stick contains a proprietary, patent-pending, non-irritating formula — you should still exercise the same amount of caution you would with any new retinol product. "In clinical studies, our encapsulated retinol was found to cause zero irritation in testing, but all skin is different and if you have never used a retinol we do recommend you start out by using once to twice a week until you understand your skin and retinol," Frezza said. And the cardinal rule when introducing a retinol into your routine — always wear SPF, since the ingredient causes photosensitivity.

It's too soon for the product to garner customer fanfare, but according to the brand's before and after studies, users experienced reduced fine lines, smoother texture, and firmer skin after as little as 24 to 72 hours of use. After two weeks, some users saw the same results but amplified, with some wrinkles even virtually erased. Order your Retinol Face Stick now at Peace Out and Sephora.

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