Styling product, hand lotion, leave-in conditioner — this beauty essential literally does it all.

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Tea Tree Moisturizer
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While Jonathan Van Ness from Netflix’s Queer Eye is teaching men around the world that taking care of your hair and moisturizing is important, turns out hundreds of guys have already found a beauty product they love on Amazon that does both: the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer ($15;

We know what you’re thinking — does that say hair and body moisturizer? And, yes, it does. This super versatile beauty product is meant to be used for both silky strands and dry skin. While it’s not specifically a men’s product, men love the fact that it’s a two-in-one moisturizer they can use for literally everything from styling their hair to applying as an aftershave. Many men reviewing the product say they were actually introduced to the professional beauty product in hair salons, and just liked it so much that they hopped on Amazon to get their own.

The creamy moisturizer is meant to calm sensitive skin and repair, protect, and condition hair with super soothing ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe, willow bark, lavender, shea butter, and jojoba oil. Shoppers can’t stop raving about the wonders it does for dry scalps, frizz, curly hair, dandruff, sun burns, itchy skin, eczema — the list goes on. Plus, it has a pleasant, refreshing scent.

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To buy: $15;

“I'm not into lotions, but after a haircut, one of the women put it in my hair, and it felt good and worked well. I've used it to replace hair gel, and even use it as an aftershave,” wrote one reviewer. “As a hair gel, it holds my hair in a combed to the side hairstyle throughout the day. I've used it for minor (first degree/superficial) sun burns [and] I feel like it works better than aloe gels.”

Plus, women who have tried the product after seeing their significant others enjoy it so much end up shocked at how well it works for their own hair and skin.

“My husband began using this product a few years ago. Just on a whim I tried out this moisturizer, as nothing else had worked for my dry scalp and curly hair. I had a WOW moment. I am seriously kicking myself for not trying this before,” wrote another shopper. “At least two years of this being in my home and I had no idea how awesome it was! I LOVE this for my head and hair and it also is wonderful for my arms, hands, and any other place on my body. It is light and absorbs so well into my skin. I've been using it EVERY day and my skin feels great — clean, moisturized, and the tea tree oil is just amazing overall. We no longer make it to a salon to get his product anymore as we need it so often, so thank goodness for Amazon.”

The Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer is the perfect product for any man who swears he doesn’t need a moisturizer or has been looking for an all-in-one staple product to use on his hair and skin — and it just might be the miracle solution for your own beauty needs, too.