They’re caffeinated and glorious.

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I depend on these under eye patches for interviews, dates, and, flights
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Usually when I see celebrities posting weird-looking beauty hacks to social media, I shake my head and move on with my life. But the under-eye masks celebs like Kate Hudson and Kristen Bell sport in their online posts really piqued my interest, mostly because my under eyes seem to puff up like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade floats at the worst times — before dates, interviews, travels, etc. Basically, my under eyes have a grudge against me. It’s very rude.

So, I made like the stars and researched under-eye masks that are both affordable and efficient. This research led me straight into the arms of my one true love, Patchology’s eye gels. Unlike the flimsy, paper-y under-eye sheet masks I’ve seen (and cringed at) around town, these gels are thick, lucious, and stable when placed on my skin. They’re cool at the touch, and immediately soothe my skin thanks to the moisturizing components in the gel’s formula.

Along with the soothing and moisturizing ingredients, the gels also contain caffeine and collagen, which together act like a one-two punch, combatting my under-eye puffiness and dark circles all at once. In just a few minutes, I go from looking and feeling like a zombie, to looking and feeling like a real-life human. A true accomplishment.

I use the gels before special occasions like job interviews, or in the middle of an at-home self-care moment. Nothing makes me feel more luxe and at-ease than plopping on a pair of these gels, kicking my feet up, and binging Succession. They leave my skin feeling so smooth and alive that it looks almost as good as Shiv Roy’s (Can we all come together and agree that the world would be a better place if Sarah Snook unveiled her skincare routine?).

And for what it’s worth, I’m not the only one all about these gels. They have just over 700 reviews at Ulta and a near-perfect 4.6-star rating. Not to mention, the brand’s research showed that, when asked, 100 percent of users said their eyes “appeared awakened, revived and revitalized” after just five minutes. And 94 percent of those users said just using these gels once “provided more immediate results than their current under eye skin care regiment.”

I’ll hand it to the celebs this time — they got this weird-looking beauty trend right. You can shop a six-pack of these under-eye gels below.

Patchology Travel Size FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels
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