By Dobrina Zhekova
Updated Oct 10, 2016 @ 8:45 am
Paris Jackson - LEAD
Credit: parisjackson/instagram

Another day, another celebrity tattoo. And the star of today's edition of Hollywood ink? That would be Paris Jackson, who has thoroughly demonstrated her dedication to body art. But it looks like Paris is nowhere done with getting inked, as she debuted her latest addition on Instagram this weekend.

The tattoo is of her favorite flower—a colored sunflower in yellow—with overlapping circles in the middle. By the looks of it, it's on her arm just below her elbow, and she has LA-based tattoo artist Justin Lewis to thank for it.

Weren't not sure this is why Paris opted for a sunflower, apart from it being her favorite, but the bloom actually has a lot of symbolism associated with it. It's been said to signify loyalty, adoration, and happiness, among other things. The inside of the tattoo appears to be the Flower of Life rings.

Regardless, it's a definite work of art.