Actually, make that tattoos*

Paris Jackson
Credit: TSM/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

OK, doesn't it seem like every celebrity is getting inked RN? Well, Paris Jackson, who has already showed off her tattoos on Instagram in the past, is back at it.

Fresh off of getting two new tattoos (a matching one with friend Omer Bhatti and a tribute to her father), Paris just debuted what looks to be four new hand tattoos. Check it out below!

A video posted by Paris-Michael K. Jackson (@parisjackson) on Jul 10, 2016 at 5:41pm PDT

According to her caption, the four new tattoos seem to be tributes to David Bowie, Prince, Van Halen, and her father, Michael Jackson. Paris's tattoos are the Aladdin Sane lightening bolt for David Bowie, Prince's symbol, a Van Halen logo, and the word "Bad" for her father's song (good luck getting it out of your head now).

Paris also explained in her caption that these tattoos completed the artistic work she was getting on her right hand.

We can't help but wonder what Paris will reveal next... Think she's got another tattoo in the works?