Paris Hilton, Pioneer of All Things Y2K, Is Still Using This Early 2000s Beauty Staple

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Paris Hilton, pioneer of all things y2k, is still using this early 2000s beauty staple
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There is no celebrity or icon more closely associated with the early 2000s than Paris Hilton. The socialite and entrepreneur was part of the first wave of reality TV (who could ever forget The Simple Life) and pioneer of all the questionable trends of the decade, including frosted eye makeup, Von Dutch hats, and low-rise jeans. While Hilton has now mostly moved past this era, she revealed in a recent interview with Who What Wear that she still regularly uses a staple of '00s mallrat beauty: lip gloss.

Unsurprisingly, her gloss of choice is the iconic Mac Lipglass in the shade Prrr. It came up when she was asked which products she'd use if she only had five minutes, alongside mascara, supplements, and her new perfume Ruby Rush.

As one of the purveyors of the lip gloss (and especially shimmering lip gloss) trend, it's pleasantly nostalgic to hear that Lipglass is still part of Hilton's routine a decade or so later. And thanks to the TikTok tweens and teens, both lip gloss and Lipglass, specifically, are back in vogue.

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The recent resurgence of this early aughts makeup essential inspired me to highlight some other great options that are similar to Hilton's go-to from Mac. My 10 picks can be placed in two unofficial categories. The first consists of the old-school glosses — the classics that have been around long enough to see eyebrows go from pencil-thin to Cara Delevingne-thick, and back. From household brands Dior, Lancôme, Essence, Chanel, and Hourglass, these five thick, rich formulas have the kitschy opulence of the '00s. They've withstood the test of time, even as their original competition has become history, and you can shop them below.

The second category is the newcomers. There have been so many launches since the original heyday of lip gloss, but only recently has the product's resurgence meant innovation in formula. As someone who has tested dozens of glosses, the options listed below from Tower28, Kosas, About-Face, and more, are in their own class. These brands have managed to create lip products that give the shine and luster of a gloss without the dreaded tacky feeling — instead, they have the silky, non-sticky texture of an oil or lipstick. Whether you're team old-school or newcomer, channel your inner Hilton and add a new lip gloss to your rotation — the trend may be back for good.

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