Paris Hilton's Beauty Routine Isn't What You'd Expect — It's Better

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Sometimes you come across a topic of conversation that just ignites passion in your friends. For some, it’s hair care. Mention Gigi Hadid and expect zero productivity for a good 15 minutes. For others, it’s copying Kylie Jenner’s matte lip look — and scoring every product she launches on the first try.

For Paris Hilton? Well, girl eats, sleeps, and breathes all things beauty. At least, that’s what I got after asking her about her beauty transformation, the products she lives for, and being a beauty entrepreneur, if you will.

In case you’re unaware, Paris is the proud owner of a makeup line, a hair care line, and, brace yourselves: 21 fragrances (19 out now with 2 on the way this summer!)

Ben Ritter

We met at The Plaza Hotel for our modern-day Marie Antoinette shoot (minus the beheading), where Paris arrived in sky-high platforms, oversized sunnies, and head-to-toe black. Make no mistake, she is a presence, but incredibly down to earth. There, she immediately changed into hot pink Juicy Couture sweats — I was a proud adopter of early aughts fashion and, um, The Simple Life, so this was monumental, naturally.

“I really loved a lot of color. I wore MAC all the time—that was the biggest brand for me back then. I lived for their lip gloss,” she told me of her beauty habits back in the day. “...I really liked the Barbie look.”

I think we can all recall memories of Paris and Nicole Richie in similar garb, pigtails, and lots and lots and lots of gloss. Today, it’s less about the Barbie world (except the sweats, obvi) and all about skin care.

She says she’s been particular about it since a young age, seriously following her mom’s advice when it came to care and prevention. And, the amount of time and dedication she puts into her routine is impressive — and that’s an understatement. I thought my regimen was intensive...

Paris dedicates an hour in the morning and an hour at night just to her skin. Aside from obviously taking off her makeup before bed, she’s also slathering on moisturizer, serum, night cream, and basically all things anti-aging.

Ben Ritter

She attests to treating her face to masks and facials every few days as well. Oh, and you better bet she has suggestions.

“The past two nights, I’ve worn like five masks in one day,” she explained when I asked her at-home beauty routine. “I have this really amazing laser light I bought that you lay under. It has about ten thousand laser lights in it for anti-aging and to build collagen, make your skin perfect, and take away any impurities. It’s insane. I do that every day, too.”

She also attests to using skin care with stem cells, gold, and diamonds. #Casual.

And it makes sense, given her dedication to skin care, that she’s launching her own collection.

“I’m also coming out with my own skin-care line for millennials and young girls who want to be preventative,” she revealed when I asked her if she focuses on skin care the most.

“I’ve never had a surgery done — I’ve never had Botox. I’ve never had anything done in my life, and I think it has a lot to do with taking care of my skin, staying out of the sun, and being educated at a young age. I want to pass that knowledge to all the young girls out there.”

Ben Ritter

She says it will include items like youth serums, eye creams, neck cream, toning creams, SPF, the whole shebang.

Sitting next to her, I can attest that she looks like she’s found the Fountain of Youth. Or at the very least, drank a big mug of that water from Tuck Everlasting. Anyone, anyone?

But that’s not to say that Paris doesn’t have regrets. She did, after all, live through the early 2000s.

“Back in the day, everybody plucked their eyebrows sooo thin,” she painfully reminded me. “It was the style back then. Mine weren’t beyond thin like some people, but now I love a thicker brow, and they won’t grow back. I got them dyed so it helped, otherwise they look sparse.”

We chatted briefly about her start with makeup, her first attempt at eyeliner, which apparently Nicole Richie introduced to her at the tender age of 12 before her mom made her wipe it off, the items she always has in her bag (four iPhones and her Blackberry), and finally, landed on fragrance.

Because, let’s get real, you don’t spend six hours with Paris Hilton and not mention perfume.

“I have so many — 21 perfumes — which is amazing. I’m so proud. I’ve been doing this now for almost 12 years, and I have more fragrances than anyone. I just found out yesterday that Elizabeth Taylor was the one who had the most and she had 15. To have 21, is amazing. Now we’re in the development of three more that are coming out soon. It’s fun.”

The next bottle to get on your radar? Gold Rush, which makes its debut in July of this year.

Ben Ritter

And her love for the genre came at a young age. The introduction? Her mom’s collection of scents.

“I just love perfumes. When I was a little girl, my sister and I would go into my mom’s boudoir to look through her collection. We would spray ourselves and I said to myself that one day I would have my own perfume, but I had no idea I would have this many.”

She says she isn’t against having a signature scent, but when you have 21 to your name, I get the desire to experiment.

“I like smelling different every day. I’m lucky that I have so many — whatever mood I’m in, I can put something complementary on. It’s like an accessory. It’s something people will remember you by. If someone smells it, they think of you. Fragrances can also put you in a good mood.”

Ben Ritter

However, the clear take away, after chatting with her about her beauty lines is that Paris has a business drive and truly wants to help her fans.

To refresh you — that’s a fragrance empire, makeup, hair care, and a skin-care line on the way.

But I had to ask her what drove her to produce her own products, rather than just buying all the amazing formulas out there on the market.

“Success is something that really fulfills me and makes me happy,” she says. “I feel proud of myself. I work with amazing people to come up with products that really work. And, I want girls to be able have beautiful skin and feel good about themselves—to be confident.”

And who could argue with that business goal?

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