This Hair Mask Gave Me The Best Curls of My Life

Meet the $27 Hair Mask That Gave Me the Best Curls Ever

My hair has never looked healthier, and the curls are more manageable than ever.
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Curly hair always has a plan of its own. Yes, there are countless curl-focused care methods and products to help control the often unruly hair type, but when it comes down to it, learning to love and control your curls is a constant beauty experiment. As a beauty writer with curly hair, my bathroom cabinet is overflowing with products to try. While some have made their way into my occasional usage rotation, there's one hair product I refuse to go without. 

Overtone Haircare, a brand best known for its line of semi-permanent color conditioners, has gradually expanded into other areas. Already a fan of its hair dye, I eagerly tried the Overtone The Remedy Hair Mask when it was released. Since then, I've kept the product in my beauty routine, as it gives me my best looking, most manageable curls ever. 

oVertone Haircare The Remedy
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Approved for use in all hair types, the original version of Remedy was created specifically for coarse, thick, curly, chemically processed or damaged hair. Those with fine, thin, or wavy hair should consider using the fine hair version of The Remedy. As someone with thicker curls, I only use the original Remedy.

It doesn't matter how healthy my hair already looks or feels, because Remedy takes my curls to the next level. Hydrating hair ingredients like avocado oil, coconut oil, and shea butter give me shiny, bouncy curls that look healthier and less frizzy with each use. The benefits extend to the application of my other hair products, too. Since my curls are easier to work with, I find that creams and gels are easier to apply, which makes for a more effective product experience.

I'm not the only fan of Remedy to notice results "My hair had more body and bounce than it's had in a year," wrote one happy customer. "It's sunny and softer. I can go three days between washing and my hair isn't looking like a greasy mess the way that it was before I used this." Another Remedy reviewer shared that their hair was now "stronger, fuller, and healthier," while someone with curls confirmed the "perfect" product kept hair looking hydrated.

Skip any warm weather hair woes this summer and experience only hydrated, healthy hair with your own tub of The Remedy. Pick up the version that's best suited for your hair type over on Amazon.