This Face Oil Keeps Shoppers' Skin "Youthful and Happy" — and So Even, They "Seldom Need Foundation"

It outperforms dedicated anti-aging treatments.

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Osmia Nectar Face Oil
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As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. That's especially true in the beauty arena, where most ingredients take a bit of time to work — which isn't to say it's easy to be patient, particularly when you're experiencing a flare-up or have an event looming. So it was a happy twist of fate when I recently tried Osmia products: They made some stubborn redness disappear overnight, and per shoppers, the brand's face oil is also spectacular for "youthful and happy" skin.

If you haven't heard of Osmia, the clean skincare brand was founded by former emergency medicine doctor Sarah Villafranco, MD. After watching her mother struggle with cancer, Villafranco segued from medicine into skincare to help people get more hands-on with their health.

"I would watch my mom applying her face oils, and it was one of the rare times I saw her slow down, breathe deeply, and drop into the moment," Villafranco wrote on the brand's website. "If I could create healthy products with extraordinary ingredients, maybe that would entice people to care for themselves (and the earth) with greater intention."

Going on 10 years in business, the brand's garnered legions of loyal fans, especially among people with finicky conditions like perioral dermatitis (PD). I recently experienced a bout of PD myself, and combined with antibiotics, Osmia's Purely Simple Face Cream and Nectar Nourishing Drops were a crucial assist. Now that I've gone off medication, Osmia's products are still keeping my face bouncy, fresh, lineless, and, like other shoppers commented, "seldom needing foundation."

Osmia Organics Nectar Drops

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More than a few users dubbed the latter face oil "divine," both in its scent and moisturizing effect. I can confirm: A drop of the lightweight, organic oil immediately sinks in and imparts a supple glisten, thanks to its mix of safflower, argan, prickly pear, and pumpkin seed oil. Rosehip seed oil counters sun damage and softens lines, as jasmine, rose otto, and sandalwood lend aromatherapy benefits.

Equipped with those ingredients, one devotee said the name "nectar" is fitting: It "really nourishes" skin and decreased the fine lines around their eyes. Others were impressed by the "marked difference" they saw from a sample size; their skin has "never been so smooth," with one or two drops enough to hydrate their face all day (even after six months of use, another person had over half their bottle left).

It also has a profound effect on eczema, according to a customer who said the soothing serum outperformed their cortisone cream and steroid treatments. The effects likewise surpass dedicated anti-aging treatments, a penultimate enthusiast wrote: They had two fine lines developing on their forehead, and the formula lessened them more than any other anti-wrinkle cream.

As a last customer said, it makes their skin feel "kissed by the morning dew all day," which is some A+ imagery. If that sounds good to you, try the Nectar Nourishing Drops for $98.

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