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woman applying eye makeup
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File under things that will definitely start a heated debate: the correct order of applying makeup. And our recent Instagram post is proof.

There are some steps that most of us can agree on, like applying skincare and SPF before even busting out your makeup kit. Other steps (and where they fall in relation to one another) trigger huge disagreements, namely if eye makeup goes on first, or foundation and concealer. It’s the “Yanni” or “Laurel” of the beauty world.

While the truth of the matter is that there are no “set” rules. People have strong feelings when it comes to this topic, so we reached out to two makeup artists to find out the benefits of eye makeup before face makeup and vice versa.

For Kelli J. Bartlett, the Artistic Director of Glamsquad, the order she applies makeup really depends on the overall look she's trying to achieve, plus the amount of time she has, but one method does tend to dominate.

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"It is always changing based on the client and circumstance, however 95% of the time, I focus on EYES FIRST!"

So why is Bartlett team eyes? "I like to work smarter, not harder!" she says. "When creating a smoky eye, I start with the eyes first because I don't want to spend time doing foundation + concealer, only to wipe it away when the inevitable eyeshadow fallout occurs."

This method also allows more time for freshly-applied skincare products to be absorbed, notes Bartlett.

She also tends to follow this strategic method for her own makeup, as it allows her to save time. "First, I gel my brows, curl my lashes, and add an eyelash primer. Gel and primers need a chance to dry and the shape of the lashes and brows inform your whole face. While they are drying, I apply the eye look (generally a one colored cream eyeshadow), then move onto skin last."

Makeup artist Eddie Hernandez agress that it's a good idea to apply eye makeup before foundation and concealer when creating extravagant eye makeup looks, like smoky eyes or when using bolder, deeper colors. Again, his reasoning has to do with fallout, and to catch some of it, he tends to apply Chantecaille Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Masks under the eyes before starting on the shadow.

However, for every other look, he tends to swap the order and apply the base makeup before any eye makeup.

"I apply eye makeup last because it keeps me conscious of how delicately I apply the makeup, of how precise the application is, and pulls the final look together. Applying makeup is creating a story — and the eyes are the perfect ending," he says.

But like we said earlier, there are absolutely no set rules. Truly! Hell, you could apply lipstick before blush if you want. It's about your comfort level, and the order that'll make you feel most confident when creating your look.