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Fact: everyone, and we mean everyone, gets a weird sense of relief after popping a pimple that has been steadily growing on their face over the course of days. There's something so satisfying about watching all the crud that's been clogging that specific pore get extracted from your skin, almost as if you're excavating a cave. Of course, it's easy to go overboard, and doing so can often result in a scar that lingers for weeks.

Olivia Munn gets it—at the launch event for Proactiv MD in New York City, we caught up with the star over the perils of picking at a zit that isn't quite ready to go, and most importantly, the right way to deal with it. "I have to stop myself from going overboard, because I know it can get bad," she confessed to InStyle. "I have a scar on my chin from popping before, years ago, and when that happens, you're like, 'that sucks.' But that's why I love learning about new products, and ways I should take care of my skin."

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In learning about new methods of acne treatment, Munn found that her old ways of popping a zit were all wrong. First things first, patience is key—you have to wait for the pimple to surface before you do anything. Then, resist the urge to squeeze at it.

"I've learned that if you take those needle-nose tweezers, and just remove the very top, you can pop it that way, and it's actually way more gratifying," Munn told us. "When you squeeze at it, you're rupturing the skin. This way, you're only removing the thin part at the very top, and you don't have to apply much pressure to remove everything trapped inside." Of course, this method only works with pimples that have already surfaced. Make sure you sterilize the tweezers beforehand by placing them in hot water, which will prevent bacteria from making contact with the area, and afterwards, give the area a quick pass of toner to clean it.